Carlsbad Resident Is Virtuoso of Ancient Pipa

Famous and humble, Wu Man welcomes coming home to Carlsbad after the long miles between tours.

Professional Pipa musician Wu Man is also a recording artist, Chinese music historian, documentarian, world traveler, mother, wife, my friend and a Carlsbad resident. As humble as they come, Wu is dedicated to preserving the ancient ways of Chinese folk music traditions. She even produced a documentary about it called Discovering a Musical Heartland: Wu Man Returns to China.  

Wu introduces the Pipa to the mainstream music scene as much as possible to help with crosscultural education.

“I play this Chinese traditional instrument which is very, very strange to a lot of kids, for a lot of people, but I enjoy it. I want through this instrument to introduce ... the culture to the people to understand each other.” And she does. by appearing with such notables as Yo Yo Ma, Kronos Quartet and Philip Glass.

How did Wu come to live in Carlsbad? She says a friend suggested to look here, “and my husband and I walked around and looked for a place and said this is the place we loved.”  


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