Giggle Your Way to Better Health

New research shows laughter can lower stress, blood sugar levels, and perhaps your chances of getting heart disease.

Can a laugh a day keep the doctor away? Lisa Collier Cool, author of Is Laughter the Best Medicine?, believes, “Giggling keeps your heart stronger, might lower your blood sugar levels and even enhances your friendships.”

Although laughter is not posited as a cure to cancer or other serious illnesses, you can smile your way to less stress. According to research conducted by Michael Miller, MD, director of the Center for Preventive Cardiology at the University of Maryland, people without heart disease laugh more than those with heart disease.

Dr. Miller reports, “The ability to laugh may have important implications in the U.S. where heart disease remains the number one killer.”

Merry Medicine

Research shows that laughter can lower blood sugar levels in people with diabetes and promote several other healthful benefits. Laughter Yoga groups in Carlsbad and around the world combine “intentional laughter” with yoga exercises. Participants believe it’s good for their heart, lungs, digestion, immune system and overall well‐being.

If you’re still not convinced, how about this: Laughing burns calories – as much as 50 calories for one 10‐15 minute session of good‐natured guffawing.

Now that’s something to smile about! 


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