Reduce Your Chance of a Heart Attack in 2014

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Courtest HNC
Courtest HNC

A Happy Heart is a Healthy Heart

Getting 2014 off to a happy start can reduce your chances of a heart attack! As reported in the July 2013 American Journal of Cardiology, John Hopkins University School of Medicine research studies suggest that having a positive attitude reduces cardiac risk.

Past research has shown a possible link between negative emotions and a higher risk of coronary artery disease, but this new study looks at the correlation from the opposite vantage point. People who feel more cheerful, relaxed and satisfied with their life may in fact be reducing their chances of heart attack or cardiac death.

Researchers found that having a positive outlook and sense of well-being was associated with a 33% reduction in coronary events. Even more happy news: some of the most at-risk participants who enjoyed intrinsic well-being experienced a 50% reduction!

Positively Good Advice

John Hopkins study leader Lisa R. Yanek acknowledges that the underlying reasons for the link between happy and healthy are not known. She also cautions that people may be born with a cheerful outlook as opposed to acquiring it.

I don’t know the medical intricacies. But I do know that when a contented local lady was recently asked, on her 98th birthday, to share the secret of her longevity, she replied (with a smile, of course!), “Positivity is everything.”

So this year, let’s all be happy and resolve to spread happiness. It can’t hurt and it just might do your heart good!

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