The Catty Housewives of Orange County

And the men? Let's call them the Desperate Men of Orange County.

Disbelief is what I call it when watching the Real Housewives of Orange County on BravoTV.

Admittedly, and somewhat embarrassed by it, I have to say that I have watched this television show on multiple occasions. Why? For entertainment purposes! As I sit watching this “show,” I am amazed and saddened by how these “ladies” act toward each other and how they define “friendship.” They do nothing but backstab each other, try and outdo the other, and for what reason? Is that “friendship?” Surprisingly enough, these “characters” remain together, are cordial to one another when they are face-to-face; however, once a back is turned, watch out! Their true colors come out. Here you have nothing but fake women. If you don’t have implants, foreheads that can’t crinkle, injected lips, and caked on makeup, you don’t fit in.

What caught my eye recently as I was surfing the internet was the video clip of the finale of this show for this season.  You want to take a peek? Here you go. Are you surprised? I was actually disappointed in their behavior and watched it in disbelief. Really? Is this how adults act? Come on! I guess I shouldn’t be too shocked considering the source.

What’s evenly comical and disbelieving are the men that choose to associate themselves with these ladies and their behaviors. Maybe we should call them “The Desperate Men of Orange County.” I try and give these men the benefit of the doubt and think that they must be desperate for television attention, not desperate for these women or their attention, but I’m sure I am incorrect on my assumption. Come on guys, really? 

Of course my kids have occasionally watched this show with me and, yes, I have not held back telling my kids my true feelings. One positive outlook that I have found by viewing this show is that it can be educational in a way. I use the show as a guide to explain to my kids “what not to do” and point out the obvious—the disrespect and how badly that reflects on one’s self. I keep them in check with our daily lives and mine and my husband’s expectations of respect, responsibility and trust.

As the Real Housewives of Orange County episodes and sagas continue, so does my daily life as a “real” working mom, wife, and friend. Be true and respectful to others as well as yourself! You will be shined upon rather than frowned upon.

Mary Lou June 07, 2011 at 10:58 PM
Thanks for letting me know not to waste my time watching this one. Unfortunately, cattiness is just about everywhere. The trick is to not associate with catty, self-absorbed backstabbers. Maybe it's just me but I just can't get interested in the whole reality-tv thing, or the personal lives of celebrities.. or soap operas. Give me a good documentary, travel show, classic western, intriguing mystery or historical drama and I'm glued to the screen. I'd recommend a show like "Modern Marvels" (History channel) or Travel Channel's "Bizarre Foods" or "Ghost Adventures" for kids and parents to watch together.


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