Video: Spotlight on the La Costa Glen Trail

The City of Carlsbad has a new video about La Costa Glen trail, part of a series of videos hosted by trail volunteers giving virtual tours of their favorite city trails.

“The La Costa Glen trail is a very flat and wide trail with just a couple gentle hills, so it’s very easy to walk, run or ride your bike on,” said trail volunteer Ed Cerda.. 

Located just west of El Camino Real and south of La Costa Avenue off of Calle Barcelona, the La Costa Glen trail runs adjacent to The Forum shopping center and La Costa Glen retirement community.

The trail is 1.25 miles long and to access from La Costa Glen by parking in The Forum shopping center.

The City of Carlsbad invites you to visit the La Costa Glen trail and experience the city’s beautiful natural beauty next time you find yourself in south Carlsbad. 

–City of Carlsbad


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