First of Two Storms to Move in Tuesday Night

Wet weather is expected to move in late Tuesday.

Colder conditions and wetter weather were forecast to return to San Diego County by Tuesday night, according to a National Weather Service spokesman.

"We have the first of two fronts set to move in late Tuesday into Wednesday, with a 90 percent chance of showers," said NWS meteorologist Jamie Moker. "It looks like about a half-inch of rain for this first front.

"It should hit Riverside County by Tuesday night and move into San Diego County a few hours later by sunrise Wednesday."

Temperatures were also expected to drop from the mid-70s Sunday into the 50s by Wednesday, Moker said.

"Some of the higher elevations of Riverside and San Bernardino mountains may see a light dusting of new snow, but this storm may not bring any snow to San Diego mountains," Moker said.

That could change later this week when a second stronger and colder front was expected to hit the region possibly by Thursday night, with much of the rain falling on Friday.

"This one will be colder, with snow levels dropping to about 4,500 feet by Friday, and some of the higher elevations in San Diego will get a dusting of snow," Moker said.

A slight change of showers was predicted to linger into Saturday, with the system expected to move out by Saturday night.

Chris Jennewein April 09, 2012 at 02:36 PM
We need the rain, but I'm glad the Easter weekend was spared.
SJ April 09, 2012 at 10:03 PM
We could use some big storms at the end of this disappointing rain season.
greg Chick April 12, 2012 at 03:44 AM
At least it did not rain on our Music Fest! I love rain, it is a cleanser and brings life to the soil by washing away salts. This is why it flowers after rain, not because no one was watering the plants, but the tap water has salts and hardness in it. By the ay all of these pollutants do not disappear, they just move. I wont go into a story about Phosphorus washing into oceans causing Alge Blooms because that would not be fun topic. I will say that Rain is good to collect in barrels to use to water plants, it is better than fertilizer for plants! so happy flowers and peace.


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