Is This Real? Amazing Humpback Whale Photos Captured off CA Coast

A remarkable scene of a people on small watercraft snapping photos of the whale was captured by an amateur photographer near San Luis Obispo.

It's a whale of a tale. Imagine stand-up paddle boarding, having your camera on you, and getting that close and personal with a humpback whale.

The events apparently did unfold off the California coast near San Luis Obispo recently. 

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CNN's wire service reported, "Humpback whales are often seen in the area around this time of year, but rarely are they seen coming out of the water in such a dramatic fashion." CNN also interviewed the photographer (see Youtube video above)

The Huffington Post wrote, "Bill Bouton, a 69-year-old retired high school biology teacher, told Today.com he had been attempting to photograph birds when he saw the whale scene unfold. He spent an hour taking the pictures, which went viral after he posted them on Flickr."

Angela Coker August 22, 2012 at 07:22 PM
per Michael Ray of California Polytechnic State University: the photographer's name is Bill Bouton, he shot these images from his car, not from a boat; and this took place in Port San Luis near Avila Beach in San Luis Obispo County, several hours drive south of Monterey Bay. Bill has a flickr page, where you can contact him for permission to use the photos.


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