Blue Ocean Robata and Sushi Brings New Dining Concept to Carlsbad

Blue Ocean Robata and Sushi opened Dec. 31, 2013 at 2958 Madison Street in the Carlsbad Village. The restaurant is by the owners of Love Boat Sushi, but Blue Ocean is a more upscale establishment with a Robata grill. 

"The cooking style originated centuries ago on the island of Japan, where fisherman needed a way to cook on their boats. They encased Binchotan charcoal in stone or sand, providing both a cooking space and a source of heat. Today, our chefs attentively grill over the same hardwood charcoal to maintain precise temperatures, constantly tending the grill to acheive perfection," explained Blue Ocean's website about the Robata grill. 

Jimmy Oh, who is the director of operations at Blue Ocean added that there is a Robata restaurant in Los Angeles that is doing really well, but nothing like that out here, so they are bringing a different concept to North County.

"We did 20 trials to make it perfect," said Oh.

We tried four different Robata grill small plates and each were very good. The filet with pineapple was "melt in your mouth" good, the asparagus was great, the blackened cod was delicious and the bacon scallops were amazing. 

The meal starts with hand washing at the table with a small washcloth placed in a bowl. A server adds water to the bowl. The soup involves a somewhat similar experience. We ordered the Tomato Coconut Bisque. It starts off with a bowl of the non-bisque ingredients. The server then pours the soup part onto it. It was super tasty.

For rolls we tried the lettuce specialty roll which was good but difficult to eat because it was wrapped in both lettuce and rice paper, and the Lobster Tail Roll. For an additional $2 you can get a roll made with quinoa instead of rice. 

The drink menu includes craft cocktails and speciality drinks like Japanese Whiskey and sake bombs like the firebomb: Cinnamon Sake with Ginger Beer. Happy hour is Sunday through Thursday from 4:00 PM to 6:00 PM with 20% off robata items, select specialty cocktails for $7, and house sake and/or beer for buy one get another for $1.00.

Lastly we ended the night with the recommended dessert of ginger butterscotch pudding which was an absolute must. Amazing. 

Blue Ocean has a fun vibe instead with nice decor and fashion-forward servers/staff. On weekends, be sure to make a reservation. 

Also, birthdays are celebrated in a unique way at the restaurant. The lights go down and a server brings a sparkler to the table while cheering takes place.

For more information on Blue Ocean go to http://www.blueoceanrobatasushi.com/ or call 760.434.4959

Belinda Rachman, Esq. January 21, 2014 at 10:14 AM
Their eggplant with hazelnut dish is hauntingly delicious!!!!! This is a FABULOUS addition to Carlsbad's eating scene as is Veggie Grill by Costco!!


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