Carlsbad Company Says It's Time Prepare for Summer

While harsh winter conditions envelope most of the country, many Californians get to enjoy snow-free days and comfortable temperatures. But before the heat turns up, now is the best time, advises Stillman HVAC of Carlsbad, for homeowners to save money and prepare for next summer‘s cooling season before high temperatures set in for the summer.

The simple economic rules of supply and demand work in favor of homeowners seeking air conditioning or heater service in Carlsbad CA. Demand for air conditioning installation, repair and maintenance is at its highest during the summers. Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning (HVAC) contractors are busy keeping up with calls, as their increased service fees and limited availability will show. But during the winter, demand for service dwindles, and contractors find themselves struggling to fill their calendars. This can work in favor for homeowners with discounts on services as well as increased personal attention for each call. In addition, many contractors can provide homeowners with closeout deals on new equipment as manufacturers prepare to make room for new products for the upcoming year.

By preparing now for next summer’s cooling season, smart California homeowners will have peace of mind knowing they saved money and are prepared for when the next heat wave hits. For more information on how you can save money on air conditioning this winter, contact Stillman HVAC at 760-517-8661 or visit stillmanheatingandair.com.

—Stillman HVAC


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