From Investment Management to Painting Service, 4 Questions for Carlsbad Businessman

Mark Strazzeri opened California’s very first ProTech Painters location in Carlsbad in June.

Carlsbad Patch: Why did you decide to switch careers to start a paint company? 

After a successful 17 year career with New York Life, I was offered an early retirement package.  I explored re-entering the financial services industry as well as researched the opportunity to operate my own business.  I felt that opening my own company would allow me to discontinue the extensive travel that has been part of my career history and allow me to build a company which I could potentially turn over to my four children.  I have always been in the service business and felt I could leverage my experience and skills by offering consumers a professional, consistent, trustworthy, and reliable experience when they make home improvements.

Carlsbad Patch: What made you select Carlsbad as the location for your business?

I have lived in Carlsbad for the last 14 years and love the community.  Most of the homes were built in the last 10 to 15 years during the housing boom across the country.  The economic downturn in 2008 forced homeowners to tighten their belts and hold off on home improvements.  Now, a great percentage of homes are in need of painting and many are obligated to paint under the agreements with Home Owner Associations.  I felt the timing was right to offer an exceptional process for homeowners to experience when they are ready to paint their homes.

Carlsbad Patch: What sets ProTect Paint apart from other local painting companies?

The national business model for ProTect Painters is built on the foundation of providing honest and consistent service to our consumer base.  The process for estimating, pricing, and producing paint projects is very automated and systematic.  The automation model offers "full disclosure" to the consumer and helps them to understand why they are being charged for what is being done on their paint project.

Before I begin to serve a property owner for a paint project, I am able to communicate the amount of paint that will be used, the size of the crew needed, as well as the beginning and end date for the project.  In today's world consumers expect to understand what they are paying for and why-  I feel that the ProTect model is the most advance system to take the mystery away from how a contractor arrives at the price being quoted to the consumer.

Carlsbad Patch: Give us the best advice you have to new or emerging business owners?

Do good research, decide on a business that compliments your skill set and passion, and take action.  Too many potential business owners hold back on that final decision and get stuck in over-analysis behavior.  Like a golfer who has gone through his entire set up routine there is a point where he needs to begin his swing and commit to the shot.

stilbonom October 25, 2012 at 06:25 PM
Thanks, for providing best investment services.


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