Indoor Dog Agility and Training Facility Now in Carlsbad

Whole Dog Sports Center opened January 2 off Yarrow Drive. It's is a kid and family friendly business that offers a variety of courses for your pets.

Five questions for Whole Dog Sports Center owner and animal behaviorist Lyssa Noble-Dennis.

Carlsbad Patch: What do you offer at Whole Dog Sports Center?

At WDSC we offer all Levels of Agility training, Puppy and Basic obedience classes, Canine Good Citizen & Therapy dog courses, Trick training and seminars form behavior problem solving to Dancing with your dog!

Carlsbad Patch: Why did you choose Carlsbad as your location?

I chose Carlsbad because I live here and my kids go to school here. I use to teach out of my house for seven years and have had great clients and I wanted to stay close to be able to keep my current clients.

Carlsbad Patch: How did you get into dog training?

I started training dogs in 1987 at the San Francisco SPCA when I was in College doing undergraduate work. I worked on the “Animal Behavior Hot Line” run by a very top behaviorist Gwen Bohenkemp who mentored me for many years. I also helped train Hearing dogs and evaluated dogs for placement in the shelter.

Later, I worked at UCLA studying primate behavior for 3 years while developing my dog training business, “Correct-A-Pet” in Marina del Rey California. I taught in Los Angeles for from 1989 to 2003, when I moved to Carlsbad.  

Carlsbad Patch: You specialize in dog behavior, is there one tip you wish all dog owners knew?

There are two tips I wish owners knew. #1- Find a dog that really fits your current lifestyle. I find many people get a breed that they may have had when they were younger but is too much energy for their current life style. #2- People need to try to develop a real relationship and embrace their dogs for who they are and not try to fit a round peg in a square hole. This why I created WDSC to let people enjoy their dogs in a constructive outlet, so people are playing and training their dogs at the same time!

Carlsbad Patch: What is your favorite part about working with dogs?

My favorite part about working with dogs is seeing how much joy they can give someone. I tell my clients all the time, I am so happy when I see them out with their dogs having coffee, walking on the boardwalk. I know that that they have created a special bond that is more then just a pet.

Gerardeen Santiago July 27, 2012 at 06:53 PM
Hurray! Agility training is a blast for both dogs and humans. It's great addition to the neighborhood; so glad not to have to trek 45 minutes away to get to a good facility.
Debbra Colman July 28, 2012 at 09:49 PM
What is the address and phone number of this facility? Also, do they have a web site?
Barbara Keen January 03, 2013 at 06:09 PM
Where are you located? barbkeen2003@yahoo.com


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