Jobs in the Health and Fitness Industry

Everyone is talking about unemployment and jobs. What kinds of jobs are out there for people interested in the health industry?

With the continued rise of diabetes, heart disease and obesity, there will also be a demand for dietitians and nutritionists. To work effectively in this field, you need to have an undergraduate degree followed by a master’s degree specializing in exercise science or nutrition. In most states there is a license process and state exam you must take in order to be a registered dietitian. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the projected median salary for a nutrition job will go from $57,000 to $62,000 by 2016. People who enjoy working with people and helping them meet their nutrition goals for improved health may find this to be a very rewarding career path.

Another credible career path in health and wellness, is becoming a holistic practitioner. This could include acupuncture, massage therapy, chiropractic care, naturopathic doctor and other forms of holistic medicine. Each type of practitioner is expected to complete their formal education based on the individual field of interest. For example, not all acupuncture and massage therapy school requires a bachelor's degree, but do require certain prerequisites to get in. Chiropractic and naturopathic doctors both require a bachelor's degree as well as a doctoral program in their specialized fields. Salaries are based on which field you go into and how many patients you have. For example, the average massage therapist working 15 hours a week earns around $30,000 a year, while chiropractors earned a median salary of $67,000 in 2010 working full time. Income in the holistic field of medicine fluctuates based on location, experience, and how many hours you are able to book patients.

Becoming a personal trainer is a popular choice for college-age adults and people who are looking for a second or part-time career. There are many different programs that can certify you to become a personal trainer. Most of the recognized personal training certifications only require a high school diploma and a CPR/first aid card and for the individual to be 18 years old. You can take the courses online or live classes. If you are interested in becoming a personal trainer at a gym, it’s a good idea to find out what type of certification they recognize or accept at their gym. Personal trainers make around $30,000 a year but that does depend on who your clients are, how many hours you work and your reputation. One positive note about becoming a personal trainer is that it’s projected to continue to be a fast growing occupation with opportunities for employment long term.

It appears that health and wellness is not going out of style, so if you are interested in joining this industry, get started in the field that is right for you.


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