Local Remodels Residence on Luxury Cruise Ship 'The World'

Carlsbad resident Morten Kruse's construction company was hired to remodel one of the 165 residences aboard The World.

MOST Construction, based in Vista is a small remodeling company owned and operated by Morten Kruse and Steve Frost. Kruse, who lives in Carlsbad tells Carlsbad Patch about his rare experience of being hired to remodel a residence abroad The World

Was it a challenge to get a remodel done in the short time the ship was in port in San Diego? 

That was a big challenge. We started Wednesday morning but a lot of our materials could not come on board until Thursday afternoon because of customs and Homeland Security. We ended up working 16 hour days both Thursday and Friday. Getting rid of trash turned out to be one of the biggest complications. First we hauled it through hallways into service elevators, then packed the trash on pallets and get in line to get it fork lifted off the ship.

What was the experience like to be on that luxury cruise ship? 

On average there are about 150 residents and a crew of about 350 people on board. We were enjoying our meals with the crew in their separate dining area. The food was extremely good with every meal being buffet-style with lots of choices. The crew was from all over the world and they are treated very good. A lot of them have been working on The World since the ship was finished about 12 years ago. We had the great pleasure to be invited to a final meal in one of the ships 4 restaurants to celebrate a job well done. All employees and their significant others were invited and it was quite a feast that also included a tour of the ship.

Tell us how you landed the construction job aboard The World? 

We work with a small design firm "Lilium Design." The owner of the apartment on The World found that firm online and Vanessa Levas (Owner of Lilium Design) was quick to get us on board (so to speak). The ship was in Australia at the time giving us about 8 weeks to prepare for the 4 days of construction. The owner was looking to refurbish his apartment with the designers help as well as having MOST Construction custom fabricate some furniture items, replace moldings, tile entry and kitchen backsplash and painting.

If you could afford it, would you spend your money on a residence on that ship?

I certainly would! It's not a fast ship because people generally are not in any hurry. You are extremely well taken care of on board (they even have their own health care) and you stay at every harbor for 5-7 days, sometimes longer. I can't imagine any better way to see the world. You can also choose to fly or drive to the next stop if you so wish.

More information on The World can be found at: aboardtheworld.com

Would you buy one of the 165 residences on The World if you could afford it? Tell us in comments.


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