Planes, Peanut Butter on Burgers, and More at The Landings

The Lunchcombers are at it again this time airport dining in Carlsbad and discovering peanut butter is the new ketchup.

Hold that plane! And, while your at it hold the onions.  A Lunchcomber first, Deanne and I review an airport restaurant.   located at .

I seem to gravitate towards the beefier items at lunchtime and spotting the PBB, peanut butter burger, was very exciting.  Adding bacon to the angus beef patty put this sandwich over the edge.  The word "savory" best describes my first bite as oozes over the bun and drools over my french fries.  Both Deanne and I agreed that peanut butter is the new ketchup. I gave this meal five forks.

Deanne took our server's recommendation and ordered the chicken pesto sandwich. She gave her meal a four fork rating. "The sandwich was good," said Deanne, "but Ann your peanut butter burger was really good. I'm ordering that next time."

Watch the video for our full review and some tips to score a close parking spot.


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