I now understand how the Nazis took over Germany

Smart Meter crony capitalism is compared with Nazi Fascist Germany's regime

       For most of my 68 years, I couldn’t comprehend how the Nazi Holocaust could have occurred.  I couldn’t understand how an entire nation such as Germany with a history of scientific, musical, and artistic excellence could turn a blind eye to the truth, including mass murder. At least, until the fascist, totalitarian Smart Meter Program was forced on America. The conniving crony capitalist utility/government partnership utilized the doublethink expression "stimulus funds" to describe the blatant raiding of our grandchildren's future tax dollars to implement utility rate gouging. Using the Smart Meter as a possible surveillance device, the power utility oligarchy will be able to punish already struggling American households for a newly invented counterfeit crime - "environmental crime". That is, you may potentially receive $1000 monthly electric bills for violating federal mandates forbidding washing and drying clothes during convenient early morning or evening hours. Somehow, being forced to do your laundry at "off-peak" intervals -  say, just before midnight - is supposed to protect Mother Earth from environmental harm.

             I'd like this oppressive electricity rate nightmare to first be visited on the "Gang of 535" - our U.S. Congress -  for 12 months before imposing this devastation on weary taxpayers.

            I am stunned by the fact that both our general populace and the SDG&E employees could go along with this disaster.  However, I was told via the grapevine that SDG&E employees have been gently persuaded to discount anything people have to say in opposition to the Smart Meter. Those who do voice opposition have been labeled as a "few" illiterate, radical, stupid people.”  Hello, America!   I now understand how Nazi control was achieved over the national mind.  It also appears that our media is in cahoots, either deliberately or by indifference, with the brainwashing program. 

            I almost can forgive the masses of people because they may not have read the truth about Hitler's atrocities until it was too late. Similarly, the American populace was unaware of the numerous problems related to the “Smart Meter” or the many protests through the years in opposition to the Smart Meter in Northern California -  because the media didn’t cover it. The media still doesn’t investigate and write this true story today.  Nor do the elected politicians, whether they be local, county, state, or federal, represent the people of the USA regarding this impending household financial disaster.  Were they paid off by those who made a fortune on the non UL (Underwriter's Laboratories) - approved meters?  I don’t know, but a true investigative reporter could find the truth.   It is most despicable to me that in the USA in 2012 the masses of people and politicians can go along with programs that do not enhance their lives, but in fact will do the opposite.

            So now, I’m writing a few words in the hope that I can waken our soon-to-be-impoverished public from their brainwashed stupor.  And before you write me off as some kind of political extremist, let me tell you this -  I am a life-long Republican who did NOT vote for Nixon because I knew he was corrupt, nor did I vote for either Bush because I thought they were part of the cartel that rules the world rather than the USA.  I am not for Romney either.  Also, I opposed the Vietnam War, the Iraq War, and the War in Afghanistan, though I did support our military.  I also marched for Dr. King in 1964 pushing my white baby in a stroller, together with black marchers, as people spat on us and called me a Communist.  So please, don’t ignore my words because some bully might give me a name, a degrading adjective of some sort, to control you by implying you should discount what I say.

            First I want you to know that over eleven counties and 44 cities and towns in Northern California have passed ordinances that have made “Smart Meter” installations illegal within their jurisdictions.  That’s a significant number of ruling agencies to me, yet this is not covered much by the media.

            Second, you should know that Smart Meters can be easily hacked via their Internet connection.  If you don’t believe me, please look at what the FBI has reported about this fact.

            Third, you should know there is a plan to monitor all of your power usage from your washer and dryer to your computer, so that you can be charged more for using various equipment at peak (convenient) times.  How fair is that?  They will now control the Orwellian proles, whoops, I mean you, by telling you when you can use your equipment.

            Because of my personal concerns, on May 17, 2012, I mailed a letter to the Smart Meter Project Manager at San Diego Gas & Electric regarding the SDG&E Smart Meter Opt-Out Agreement.  In my letter I informed the Company about:   1) The proven 100% cyber security risk these meters are as per the FBI alert titled ”Smart Meter Hacks Likely to Spread.”  2) The warning by Richard Clarke, former counter terrorism Czar, about the industrial/electrical control "Stuxnet" computer virus  and its new variances now being released.  (Stuxnet is the “weaponized malware” computer worm launched in 2009 that damaged Iran’s nuclear program. Stuxnet-like viruses could corrupt our Smart Meters, potentially leaving our country devoid of reliable electricity for years.)  3) The Smart Meter was not UL approved, something that is required by any piece of electronic equipment connected to the power line in the USA.  Even a cell phone charger or light bulb requires UL approval, usually a 2-year process. 4) The reported health risks verified by medical doctors national-wide  5) "Additional" problems such as accidental overbilling, home fires, privacy violations, and burnout of appliances, all of which have been reported due to sudden power surges.    

            In my letter I requested that SDG&E tell me if I was incorrect about any of the above five items, requesting proven data so that I can be corrected.  Then I explained how I was signing the SDG&E-created  "Opt-Out" agreement under severe duress, since charges will be imposed for my Opt-Out.  How’s that for Naziesque control?  My public utility company is not giving me a choice about something that is evil - unless I pay.

            I informed SDG& E that copies of my letter would be forwarded to various politicians in the hopes that one of those people who are supposed to represent me, would do something about this major problem affecting me, all the people in California, and the entire USA.

            I mailed the letter to my Congressman Brian Bilbray, Governor Jerry Brown, State Senator Mark Wyland, State Rep. Martin Garrick, Supervisor Bill Horn, my mayor, Matt Hall,  Channel 10 and KUSI News.  Not one responded to my concerns!  This means to me they are Orwellian proles of the highest order, or, you might say, behaving as part of a fascist crony capitalist crew.

            In closing, I spoke with my Mayor and two State Reps at a reception in December 2011 expressing my concerns written in this piece.  Representative Garrick said, “I’m not interested.”  Mark Wyland "didn’t have time."  Mayor Hall patronized me and pretended to care, asking me to send detailed information.  I sent the information along with a request to stop the installation of the Smart Meter in Carlsbad.  My Mayor didn’t respond to me either.  He’s a politician like the others.  He’s part of the manipulative government/industry network.  And so now, I fully understand how the Nazis took over Germany. 

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gdogncbd2 July 15, 2012 at 04:27 AM
Ok but what are the certain medical conditions? granted they made a finding,but to this day there is no pinpointed evidence linking these together.of course its best if you avoid excess of any type of EMF,MICROWAVE,X-RAY,MRI,ect.,ect,.the only medical evidence we have is on over exposure to radiation and its effect when above levels where known results are death.all the rest are pure speculation due to lack of any concrete long term evidence or studies due to there hasnt been any completed.
Todd West July 30, 2012 at 04:51 AM
Hate to break it to ya, but smart meters do much more than read your electricity, they can and will make you sick, and can kill you, and YES the government and hackers can use them for nefarious purposes, otherwise all these lawsuits being filed would never pass muster, and the utility companies are losing them left and right....so there are more than legitimate concerns and as a person who has been almost killed by the things I'll be flat out honest with you if you think the things are safe, YOU DO NOT KNOW WHAT YOU'RE TALKING ABOUT. Tons of links to infos @ The Underground Sound Issue 50 - http://undergroundrecords.org/sound
Susan Brinchman July 30, 2012 at 02:45 PM
The studies I have gathered and placed on www.smartmeterdangers.org, as well as the AAEM reported cited above has citations to peer-reviewed studies (if you will read it you will see that). As a person who is severely impacted by the smart meters, to the point of now a heart condition that will ultimately be fatal, that I did not have before, I can tell you it is imperative to get them off your homes and banned. At fault ultimately is the federal gov't for allowing this and financing it as well as the greedy industries that could care less about people - it is all about the money. The FCC must be forced to change its obsolete "guidelines" for non-ionizing radiation exposures. The American Academy of Pediatrics just asked them to do so, a few weeks ago, for these reasons. They are very concerned about the impact of RF radiation on the health of children - especially with cell phone use. Add to that smart meters that are equal to 160 cell phones each, cell towers being made more powerful to accommodate the new "smart" phones... and we have a national health disaster. The people must wake up to this or pay the ultimate price. The 21st century form of killing and maiming people is no less evil, it is simply masked, more subtle, but harmed is harmed and dead is dead. And it will be millions. www.electrosmogprevention.org
Malaprop September 25, 2012 at 02:11 AM
On this evening as we approach Yom Kippur, I am requesting that he Patch remove this disgusting, offensive and irresponsible association of Nazism with the smart grid. I am a firm proponent of free speech. Ms. Lindsay has every right to make these statements and is protected in doing so. Free speech, however, in no way compels the Patch to publish blogs that are offensive . This blog brazenly violates at least these two terms of service: * is defamatory, abusive, obscene, profane or offensive * is inaccurate, false or misleading in any way; It also promotes hatred when it states that a number of politicians are: "Orwellian proles of the highest order, or, you might say, behaving as part of a fascist crony capitalist crew." If you are not going to apply the terms of service for this ugly article then just end the farce by removing these terms from your website. This is a time of year for repentance for a small minority of the population. It is this minority, however, that is especially offended by these gratuitous Nazi analogies. It is appropriate for the Patch to do it's own repenting by removing this article. As troubling as it is let's should not judge its author harshly. Let's hope this year brings us peace and happiness. G'mar Chatimah Tovah. http://judaism.about.com/od/holidays/a/Rosh-Hashanah-Glossary.htm
Donna Woodrum March 04, 2013 at 05:31 PM
Don't you love it when those on the Left, when out--smarted by the Right, then start to criticize all the evidence and those who compiled it? You really stole their thunder by likening smart meters and their forced usage despite their harm to the Nazi party. Usually, their last resort is to call the Right "Nazis", but not this time. Interesting how malaprop is soooooo knowledgeable about this subject. Sounds like s/he's in on it. We refused the Smart Meter, and for exercising our right to choose, we now have to pay SDGE an extra $10.00 a month for not using a Smart Meter. Very Nazi-like and I say dump your Sempra stock.


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