Alternative Home Designs

How to be environmentally friendly when building a house.

When it comes to designing a home that differs from what is considered agreed-upon convention, there is only one thing that can limit the existing possibilities and that is the capability of the architect involved.

Being different

Indeed there are so many ideas as far as alternative home designs are concerned, some may even come off as a bit strange like spaceship homes, certain types of glass houses and even homes built on trees. It is probably quite easy for you to visualize a tree house because chances are that you had one in your backyard during your childhood days. When you analyze the general idea with regard to tree houses that are meant for fun and modern tree homes you will realize that there are many similarities, the difference only comes in the scale of things.

Modern tree homes are obviously much larger; usually they extend over more than just a single tree as is the case with regular tree houses. Since they are meant for living, they also feature all the typical comforts of a regular, conventional home. Before you contract an architect to design this kind of home, it is vital to undertake a great deal of research. Living in a tree home can be quite spectacular and breathtaking but this is contingent upon ensuring the structural integrity of the same which of course will require a high level of expertise and experience.

Environmentally friendly

The use of environmentally-friendly and recycled building materials is quite big in today's world; this also falls under alternative home designs. Experts in the construction industry are coming up with different ways of constructing homes using pretty much anything that one would come across in a dumping site. Some of these discarded items or rather junk include old tires, aluminum cans, bottles just to mention a few. Architects are delving even deeper with this whole idea of recycled-homes and are coming up with mind-boggling designs for example the cardboard home which is the creation of Canadian Keith Dewey.

Environmentally friendly or green building materials are not just those that a recycled. There are also a number of materials that fall under this category by virtue of some of their properties. A good example is a home which is built entirely from concrete. The reason why this is considered green is because of the insulating capabilities of concrete as a building material.

Additional Environmentally Friendly Alternatives

Your home does not have to look unattractive, weird or outdated for it to qualify as a green building. A regular home can be converted into an environmentally friendly building by taking a few simple steps. One of the most common ways of achieving green status is by embracing renewable sources of energy for example solar and wind. Another way of being eco-friendly is finding home builders who care about the environment by using green power renewable energy for example (visit home builders in Melbourne).

In addition, one can also trap rain water, filter it and then store it. This can then be used to water the garden and even the lawn. The water that remains after all the plants have been irrigated will once again be collected to be used in the toilet. This whole process is referred to as watershed recycling and it can significantly contribute towards reducing the water bills.

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