Baby Cards and How to Choose the Perfect One

There are many ways to welcome a newborn baby to the world but giving a unique baby card is always appreciated. Here are some creative ideas.

Every day all over the planet, happy couples are welcoming little bundles of joy into the world as they become parents. Having a baby is a precious thing and because of this, many of these people's close friends and families are deciding to present the proud parents with a creative baby card to congratulate the happy couple. Baby cards are a great way to show parents who have just had a child how proud you are of them. These baby cards, as well as being a lovely gesture, will also play a very important sentimental role in the future. As such, these cards are cherished and kept in a safe place until you feel like a spot of reminiscing about the day your child was born.

There are a number of different designs and styles of baby cards available to choose from, but if you want to be extra creative and show the happy parents how much you really care. There is only one way you should go, and that is to create and personalise your very own baby card. In this article we will look at a number of various baby cards ideas and help to give you hints, tips and inspiration, for creating the ideal card perfect for the specific occasion.
So without any further ado, here's some great ideas to help you create the perfect gift for new parents.

Personalize your card

As mentioned earlier, to really make a card stand out and feel extra special, then personalising it is simply a must. You may want to add phrases and sayings that speak specifically about the people your gift is for.If this perhaps happens to be the parent's first child, make sure to mention that. You could add a humorous comment about the various wonders of being a parent, such as sleepless nights, and dirty nappies etc. All of these things help to make a card feel special and show the happy doting parents that the gift came straight from the heart. Why not mention any of their great qualities that could help make them fantastic parents. Their generous, patient nature perhaps?

Include Images in your card

Thanks to the wonders of technology these days, adding pictures and various images to personalised cards, has never been easier. There are a number of graphic programs and websites all designed to help you create and personalise cards with minimal effort. You can add different styles, designs and details that can all be altered with the click of a button, until you find the right style that you are happy with. If you happen to be a grandparent, why not create a card with various pictures of when your children were children, taking you back generations. Thanks to programs and sites like these nearly any design is possible when making the perfect baby card.

Voice and audio recordings

Again we are right back to singing the praises of modern technology here. Thanks to the advances in technology, certain websites such as Hallmark, now make a card which gives you the ability to record a voice message for whomever the gift may be for. The card features a small device with built in speaker that the audio message will be saved on. Once the card is opened the voice recording will play out loud for all to hear. This feature is especially good if you don't happen to be particularly good at writing.

Baby card ideas for Girls

If your card is for a baby girl, or parents who have just had a baby girl, why not go with the traditional color of pink? You could add pink ribbons, bows, glittery stickers, pink patterns. The list is seemingly endless, and best of all, you don't have to be a master at arts and crafts to create a wonderful card that will be remembered and cherished for years to come.

Baby card ideas for Boys

If your card is made for a baby Boy or parents of a baby Boy, the tradition color for Boys is blue. Use blue accessories and add certain topics that Boys may appreciate in the coming years. Sports such as football, or soccer perhaps. It’s little things like this that he may appreciate later in life.

No matter who you intend to present the card to, the list of baby cards ideas available for you is seemingly endless, but hopefully the information above has given you a few handy tips and ideas. Creating a personalised baby card is cheap, relatively easy, and is a wonderful gesture that will be appreciated by all whom you choose to present with this fantastic gift, so until next time.

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