How to Sail a Catamaran

Things to consider when sailing or renting a catamaran.

Although it is exciting but complex, catamaran is a boat whose two hulls minimise the drag on the water thus enhancing its velocity bang. However, its speed comes with the problem of turning and manoeuvring. Therefore, it is important for users to follow the right steps in order to enjoy smooth sailing. Below are instructions on how to sail a catamaran.

A good launch

One of the hardest bits of sailing this boat is launching it. To sail the catamaran, a user needs to push the boat a little bit then jump aboard just as the boat catches the wind. To launch it correctly, one needs a sense of speed in terms of thoughts and speed.Be careful of their heads. As compared to the other boats, the sail and boom of the catamaran is placed lower. It is important for sailors to know that the swinging sail has enough force to knock them out cold even if the catamaran does not have a boom. It is therefore important that they keep their heads low each time to avoid nasty accidents.

Grasp the tiller

Sailors need to work the tiller in order to turn or steer the catamaran. This is done by placing the tiller under an arm and behind their back so that they are able to not only steer but also control the boat. The force on the tiller comes from the rudder on which the movement of the boat puts a lot of pressure.Discover how to tack and Jibe. Sailors will find out that the catamaran is operated differently from the single-hulled boats when it comes to tacking and jibing. Due to the relation between the width and the length of the boat, turning the catamaran will take longer and will need more power as well as momentum to reach completion. It is recommended that they practice how to turn the boat with and through the wind, as well as trying to get the boat going in case it is stuck in the middle of a turn.

It is important for the sailors to know that they should only sail in rough weather only if they are experienced. Due to the strong winds or heavy seas, they need to ensure that the boat is balanced and that the hulls are level so that they are able to move the boat faster. It is also important to put on protective gears such as ski goggles and extra protective clothing to keep away the breaking waves and water sprays.

For those who do not like sailing the catamaran on their own, there are quite a number of sailing cruises from a variety of travel agencies where you can hire a catamaran, like Champagne Sailing. In order to enjoy their sailing, it is important that they do their research carefully in order to select a travel agency that is not only reliable but also professional. They will need to check on their budgets and needs so that they can have an easy time comparing the travel agencies that will offer them the best experience when it comes to sailing a catamaran.

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