The Plight of the Couch Potato

The easiest way to get rid off laziness.

Its Saturday afternoon. You know you over did it at dinner last night and at least a good walk would burn a few of those calories. But that couch looks so good!

You are experiencing a phenomenon known as exercise aversion. Exercise aversion is a common problem among human beings. Unlike your lazy dog or sleepy cat, you have the mental capacity that tells you exercise is good for you and absolutely the right thing to do. However, you also know it will require a certain level of physical activity to accomplish. Therefore you make an excuse as to why lying on the couch is a better option. I don't have enough gas in my car to get me to the gym. What if that annoying guy Jim is there and bothers me during my workout? It looks like it may rain so walking is out of the question. These are but a few of the excuses you may come up with to avoid exercising. You may actually become more tired subconsciously just procrastinating over what to do.

The term aversion refers to something more than deciding you would rather take a nap then run around the block. That certainly is a rational train of thought. Aversion is a much deeper thought process where you actually want to do it, realizing the health benefits and what it will do for your overall appearance, but you possess such a strong sub-conscious dislike for it, that your brain will always find a reason to avoid it.

So what is one to do to get on the right track? First and foremost, you must make the decision to have a healthy relationship with exercise. So to want to "exercise", you must "exorcise" all negative thoughts associated with the task. This is not the high school gym class you hated. Nor is it the day you dropped the fly ball in little league that cost your team the game. This is a perhaps life extending, if not saving, ritual you must be comfortable with on a regular basis.

The next question then is how do I rid myself of these past thoughts? Subliminal messaging has shown to be a most effective method to change a persons mind set. There are CD's specifically created to address exercise subliminals that are available to free your mind of the negativity associated with exercising while you sleep. While asleep, your brain is open to thoughts that are otherwise blocked out by you when you have the chance to think and make rationalizations, even when they are flawed. They will enhance the thoughts of health and happiness connected with exercise, while slowly eliminating the motives behind your exercise aversion. It should be noted, subliminal messaging will not put you in a hypnotic trance and lead you to the car to drive to the gym. They will clear your mind however, to make the best decision possible when it comes to exercise.

In the end, you will be the one to walk away from the couch on your own accord, but now your mind will be sending many more positive thoughts to inspire you.

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