Using Team Building Exercises to Create a Winning Team

Team building can increase productivity and help everyone find their role in the company. Here are some great exercises to help your coworkers bond as a team.

A business is a collection of people who must come together for the common good of the company. However, you can't just expect that a group of individuals will become a team on their own. You have to put them in the right places and situations to help them become a cohesive group. Here are some great team building exercises to help your coworkers bond as a team.

Let Them Play Ball

It isn't always easy for people to come out of their shells in the office. Some people are strictly business while on the clock or are too shy around people who they don't know. However, playing a game can be the perfect way for everyone to have fun and forget about their issues. A game of softball or volleyball can help everyone bond and learn how to work together. It also allows employees to blow off some steam in a safe and healthy environment. 

An Outing Or Retreat Can Do The Trick

Taking the group out for dinner or for a weekend away can have a great effect on everyone. When you are in a casual social situation, you forget that you are out with colleagues. Instead, you treat the event as if you are out with friends. When you think of your colleagues as friends, you will work harder for those people. That brings everyone together quickly and creates a sense of accountability in the workplace that wouldn't otherwise exist. 

Create A Competition

Everyone enjoys a good friendly competition. Divide your employees into teams of roughly equal sizes. Then, develop a goal for every employee to meet. For example, you could have a sales competition or a competition to come up with the next company slogan. The winning team should then be given a small reward such as a day off or a bonus in their next paycheck. Everyone wants to be known as the leading contributor of the team that wins the office challenge. 

Do Something For Charity

A great way to bring your coworkers together is to have them focus on a cause that is bigger than themselves. Having the team donate time, money or expertise to a charitable cause helps everyone put their differences aside for a good cause. This will hopefully help any squabbling colleagues get over any issues that they are having and learn that they can work together. Your workers will also feel good knowing that they have helped someone who is less fortunate. 

Scavenger Hunts Promote Individual Skills

A scavenger hunt can help each individual figure out what their unique skills are. Management can use these events to find those can think outside of the box, who follows directions well, and posesses other skills that can be useful in the office. These types of events can help employees gain confidence in themselves. Holding an event such as a scavenger hunt will also help employees understand that everyone is important and valuable in the working environment. When employees accept and understand this concept, they will work well with everyone else in the office. This increases productivity while also increasing efficiency. 

When employees feel like they are working as part of a cohesive team, they will want to work harder and better. No one wants to be the person who keeps other team members and the company from meeting its goals. Team building activities can improve morale, increase productivity and help everyone find their role in the company. 

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