How to Be Ready for School

Are you ready for school? Diane "Sunny" Goodwin of Sunny Day Tutoring offers advice on how to be prepared for a successful and not stressful school year.

The first day of school is just around the corner and Sunny has some great advice to start your school year off right! Getting a great start to the school year will set your student on the path to success. Eliminating stress, creating a nurturing study environment, and proper diet are all things a parent can do to promote success and well-being throughout their students’ school years.

Eliminating stress is good!  One great habit that parents can encourage to eliminate everyday stress is to not allow their children to go to bed until all backpacks are packed and next to the door where the parent will leave from in the morning. A fully packed backpack would include all completed homework assignments. Getting into this habit will aid in eliminating those stressful emergencies when a child realizes he or she forgot to bring their homework to school.

Before the first day of school, take your student to the campus. Show them where their classroom will be and all other important areas of the school. This will relieve some overwhelming anxieties brought onto the student on the first day, especially if they are a new student.

Another great way to eliminate stress and promote success with your student is to create a nurturing study environment. A good study environment has no distractions and no noise. If there is a window in this study environment, close the curtains. A great tip to have the best study environment possible is to keep basic school supplies on hand at all times. If you have these supplies on hand, when your student tells you they have a poster project due the next morning, there will be no emergencies. Right now is a great time to buy supplies because they are on sale! Or, you can always shop at places like the Dollar Store to find great bargains. Most of these supplies you can find for less than a buck.

Sunny suggests having the following supplies on hand at all times:

  • poster board in various colors
  • foam board
  • crayons, colored pencils, and markers
  • yellow highlighter (the brain remembers yellow!)
  • binder with dividers
  • A supply pouch containing the following:
    • pencils (2)
    • personal pencil sharpener (teachers often do not like the disruption of a student using the classroom pencil sharpener)
    • yellow highlighter
    • CLEAR protractor - it is very important to have a see through protractor
    • thesaurus and dictionary or computer access to dictionary.com
    • graph paper in the correct size depending on age level
    • an extra binder
    • clear report covers so they can be used for different types of projects
    • index cards
    • 1 pack of page cover protectors for students to keep important documents such as syllabi
    • lots of college ruled paper
      • wide rule for 3rd - 5th graders
      • primary learning paper for k - 2nd
  • stapler
  • small scissors
  • white out
  • eraser caps
  • paper clips
  • ruler
  • small calculator for parents only to check student’s work
  • math flashcards for k - 2nd
  • fat pencils for k - 1st
  • yard or meter stick

And finally, remember that protein is brain food! If you have children in school it is important to know about nutrition. Read labels and stay away from those breakfasts full of carbs and sugars. Try feeding your student a sausage muffin or microwave bacon. Many families don’t have time for a nice hearty breakfast. If thats the case, bananas are the perfect food. If your student has a test give them a high protein bar to eat the period before their tests.  A high protein bar has anywhere from 15g - 30g of protein. Stay away from granola bars full of sugar and high in carbs..

The first day of school is just around the corner and now you are ready! Your children are going to be students for many years. Apply these simple tips from Sunny to your everyday routine and see what you and your student can accomplish. 

Diane “Sunny” Goodwin, of Sunny Day Tutoring Services, Oceanside, is a Master Teacher, Educational Consultant, Diagnostician and Curriculum Developer. She is fully credentialed with 43 years of teaching expertise in many subjects and grade levels, Pre-K through 12 and adults.

She can be reached at (760) 439-0136. For more educational tips follow Sunny on Facebook or Twitter.

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