Common Sense Today In Fact Is Nonsense by Yesterday's Standards

Our moral and ethical foundation continues to melt at the hands of politicians and judges.

Common sense in our country continues to erode at an alarming clip.  Neither of the two political parties gives a hoot about how the majority of Americans feel about crucial issues confronting our nation, but rather only pander to those small blocks of voters that they believe will collectively lead to an election victory.  It’s pathetic!  Consider some of the following double standards and ask yourself how they make any sense to those of us with rational thought:

~If we lie to Congress, it’s a felony, but if Congress lies to us, it’s just politics.

~It’s legal to kill an unborn child, but it’s “inhumane” to execute a mass murderer

~We don’t burn historically accurate books used in our public schools; our education leaders have revisionists re-write them with their own ideological and political slant

~In America, Washington has ridded us of the socialist and communist threat by simply re-branding them as “progressives”

~The federal government won’t secure our border with Mexico, but has no problem defending the 38th parallel for Korea

~Pornography is legal and prevalent on television and the Internet, but don’t even think about placing a Nativity scene on public ground during Christmas; oops, I mean, the “Holiday Season.”

~Criminals no longer exist in our country.  They are now called “sick people.”  Our federal and state governments spend billions to “rehabilitate” them but spend virtually nothing to assist the victims.

~The IRS and state Franchise Tax Boards take money from those who work for it and in turn hand back most of it to those who don’t want to work.  The “Land of Opportunity” has morphed into the “The Land of the Hand-out”

~Our leaders preach the value of our Constitution but only when it supports their political ideology. 


How in the name of our Founding Fathers did this nation slide into this quagmire of moral and ethical decay?  The answer is easy:  we, the citizens, have allowed it to happen.  Shame on us!

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