The Days of Fiscal Appeasement Are Numbered; Obama, Take Heed!

Special interest give-backs and public entitlement programs must be reformed and cut, but Washington has no incentive to do so,supported by the lazy American.

"An appeaser is one who feeds a crocodile, hoping it will eat him last."
Winston Churchill


What quotation, metaphorically speaking, better describes the never-ending political graft that occurs in all levels of government?  Regardless of your party affiliation, one has to agree that the practice of special interests reaping dividends from favorable legislation in return for huge campaign contributions is increasing the rate of financial sink in local, state, and federal government.  Few politicians care; they are too busy appeasing there special interest crocodiles and leaving the fear of being eaten to their successors.  And why should our elected leaders be so concerned?  When the majority of their constituency is apathetic, ill-informed, mis-guided, and ingrained with a sense of entitlement, re-election is all but guaranteed! 

I realize it’s easy for anyone to complain about the obvious and offer no solution.  In fact however, the solution is as plain as the face of George Washington on the millions of campaign dollars being stuffed into the pockets of our so-called “leaders,” and is best summarized in the proclamation made for decades:  “throw the bums out!”  We, the people, have the power of the ballot box to do just that, but this country hasn’t seen a blatant voter back-lash in a national election since the Republicans re-gained a majority in the House of Representatives in 1994 for the first time in 40 years.  Led by Newt Gingrich and the Republican’s “Contract with America”, the result was a scathing rebuke by the American people toward the first two years of the Clinton Administration.  President Clinton took note and swiftly steered his priorities to a more moderate agenda from its previous liberal course, which resulted in his 1996 re-election despite the Monica Lewinsky scandal and near impeachment.  Sixteen years later, many Americans, myself included, expected a similar election upheaval last November, with the primary casualty being the defeat of President Obama.  It didn’t happen.  Why?

The answer is simple; go back and read Churchill’s quote.  Obama is an obese appeaser, and 51% of Americans are the crocodile, whose appetite for entitlements increases its size and our national debt by the day.  The President has four more years of feeding, lest the entitlement buffet is greatly reduced by Congress, the economy continues to stagnate, and in turn the croc eats him in 2014.

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