Year of Popcorn and Other 2013 Food Trend Predictions

A list compiled by chefs, restaurateurs and foodies and thinks sour foods will take the cake this year as well as smaller sized meals at restaurants and vegetables as main dishes.

The Sterling-Rice Group compiled a list of 2013's top ten food trends. They include:

1. Sour Foods -Tart and bitter flavors, more sauerkrauts and pickles too. 

2. Healthier Dining Out - Chefs will try use less butter and cream and more ingredients like high fiber grains.

3. Asian Infusion - Sriracha mayo is already at Subway. Expect to see more American eateries with serving up foods with Asian influences. 

4. Veggies as Main Dishes - You might see cauliflower steaks and squash noodles becoming more common, as well as vegetable juices. 

5. Kids Menus Grow Up - Kids' menus will focus less on hot dogs and grilled cheese and more on fruits, grains and authentic Asian flavors. 

6. Local Artisans - European-style of eating coming to America. 

7. Smaller Portions - No need to just order an appetizer as a meal, restaurants will serve smaller-sized portions of your favorites.

8. Fruit is the new Sugar- a heathier way to satisfy the sweet tooth. 

9. All-Inclusive Menus - eating out with vegans, gluten-free friends, and the meat eater won't be an issue. Restaurants will have menu options to accomodate all.

10. Popcorn - Popcorn will be the snack of 2013--look for it in popcorn ice cream.

For a complete look at SRG's 2013 Top Ten Food Trends, visit: srg.com/permanent/2012/10/2013-culinary-predictions


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