Reach Your Highest Potential With Monique Gallagher

An interesting conversation with Monique Gallagher of Highest Potential Training in Carlsbad, California.


A fascinating conversation with Monique Gallagher of Highest-Potential Training in Carlsbad, California.

BAKES:  How did you choose your business and what makes you passionate about it?

GALLAGHER:  I had always been fascinated with human development so when I found a way to attend Rutgers University for Psychology I jumped at it.  Then to make a business from my passion I decided to enroll in an online course, “Cybernetic Transposition”… it changed my life.  That course taught me to build totally new life and business skills, and to connect my inner consciousness with my conscious mind. I have since become passionate about teaching others how to release invisible self-defeating patterns. It enables people to develop boundaries so they can decide what is right for them…otherwise, if we put ourselves on the wrong path, we lose precious time and later regret our unfulfilled dreams.

BAKES:  What made you decide to start a business in Carlsbad?

GALLAGHER:  I was living in Princeton, New Jersey and decided to vacation in San Diego. All it took was one visit and I never returned. I have been living in Carlsbad ever since. It was just natural to work in the town I love.

BAKES:  What makes your business unique? What distinguishes what you do from other businesses in your industry?

GALLAGHER:  There are a lot of professional development companies. However, what sets my business apart is we don’t believe in the proposition, “feel the fear and do it anyway”. My approach is to teach my students how to “re-write” the invisible conditioning that causes their fear, and then transition to their objective. Highest Potential Training is a unique combination of being able to accomplish goals while maintaining an inner peacefulness. At the end of the day, people just really seek peace and joy in their lives…to enhance their productivity and self-growth. I have clients who have substantially increased their income, improved their personal relationships and fell in love with their spouse all over again! It is the “blockers” inside of us that keep us from loving ourselves and therefore loving others.

BAKES:  What are some of the things that you would like Carlsbad residents to know about your business, that they may not know?

GALLAGHER:  Highest Potential Training is a step by step system that teaches individuals to accomplish nearly impossible goals and objectives while enhancing peacefulness, love and joy along the way. My approach is a three step process: 1) define your goal with a concrete end point date, 2) anchor the image in the unconscious, and 3) clear the internal self-defeating programmings that invisibly sabotage your goals.

BAKES:  What types of programs does Highest-Potential Training offer?

GALLAGHER:  Our 5-week program, “Money Mind Set Mastery”, is designed to amplify a past success and project it into the future but in a bigger way. We offer a 6-week program, “Navigating Change” which is designed to restore inner trust and balance. Our longest program is 17 weeks in duration, and it teaches how to achieve very desirable objectives without needing to know the how; transforming one’s life in the areas of making money, improving one’s health and personal relationships. We do group programs and one-on-one training. There is a sample class available for download at www.CTcoach.com/gift.

BAKES:  What is your opinion of our local economy here in San Diego?

GALLAGHER:  I have found San Diego to be a very fertile business environment, full of positive and entrepreneurial people.  It is nicely laid out for easy travel and networking, which is vital to my businesses.  I especially like that there is such a high proportion of women running their own business in San Diego County.

BAKES:  Any closing comments?

Imagine your life where you trust yourself, and feel powerfully able to choose to have it come out the way you want.  With Highest Potential Training you can begin now with the techniques to make it that way.

George Bakes is a commercial real estate broker in the Del Mar office of Coldwell Banker Commercial, NRT, 2651 Via De La Valle, Del Mar, CA 92014, (858) 602-2799, george.bakes@coldwellbanker.com; www.sandiegogocommercial.com.

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