Anonymous Philanthropists Hiding Money Around San Diego County; Here's How to Find It...

Join the HiddenCash Internet phenomena in San Diego County by following these two Twitter users: @sdcashstash and @hiddencashsd.

SDCashStash's profile photo on Twitter.
SDCashStash's profile photo on Twitter.

An anonymous philanthropist who has been hiding cash around San Diego County and giving riddle-like clues via Twitter said there would be another free money drop made sometime today.

The philanthropist began tweeting last week under the handle "sdcashstash" and tweeted Sunday night that another drop would be occurring today. By staging the scavenger hunts, he or she joined the HiddenCash Internet phenomena that started in San Francisco on May 23. It has also spread to other major U.S. cities and to other countries.

In most cases, the amount of cash being hidden has been up to $100.

The San Francisco donor has dubbed the practice a "social experiment for good." At least some of the recipients of the stashed cash have turned around and spent it on others, including buying food for the homeless, according to published reports.

In addition to announcing plans for another drop sometime today, sdcashstash also wrote, "Lets buy lunch for any PD-FD or military you see June 2nd!"

Sdcashstash is not the only local donor. Another anonymous philanthropist has been tweeting clues under the handle hiddencashsd. Together, the two local donors have hidden money as far north as in a planter outside an Escondido Petco and as far south as at an In-and-Out restaurant in Chula Vista.

—City News Service

jimellis1103 June 02, 2014 at 11:24 PM
why win a game and then give it away to homeless person? why not just give the homeless the clue?
Lori June 03, 2014 at 01:44 PM
Your joking, right?


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