Top 10 Reasons to Take a Walk at the Beach

Top 10 Reasons to Take a Walk at the Beach!

I always feel great after I walk at the beach, but never really thought about why. I decided to brainstorm the benefits so here is my Top 10 List.  Did you ever realize how physically beneficial this is to your body? A must do for everyone who wants to feel just overall better. 

Here are just a few of the great things that go on during your walk on the beach!

1) Vitamin D from the Sun- The most abundant source of Vitamin D comes from the sun!  Vitamin D deficiency is linked to all kinds of diseases.  Too many of us sit in an office at a desk and then wonder why we don’t feel well.  Getting
your daily dose at a walk at the beach is optimal and is a great step to having
ultimate vibrant health.

2) Walking- One of the best exercises that most anyone can do.  No need for expensive gym memberships and group classes to get this easily obtainable benefit- just start walking the beach and you will start to feelthe benefits right away.  Breathe deeply and move your body, let the sound of the waves motivate you.

3) Feet on the Sand- Walking in the sand not only feels great to your feet, but has tremendous benefits to your health! According to discoverwalking.com
you can burn more calories by walking in the sand as opposed to walking on a
hard surface.  Also, great for your circulation.

4)  Cold Water is good for you!  You may be surprised to know that stepping your feet into the cold ocean water is actually great for your body.  There too many benefits to list! Just for starters it can improve circulation, help boost white blood cell activity, and dissolve tension.

 “If there is magic on this planet, it is contained in water”  Loran Eisley 1957

5)  Relationship Strengthener- If you ever need to spend quality time with a partner or need a place to have a deep discussion, the beach will always be there for you.  Watching the awesomeness of the waves, power of a sunset, and feeling the constant flow of energy is great atmosphere for thought provoking discussions of the world around us. 

6)  Visual Color Therapy- Your eyes are connected to the tissues and organs of your body.  What a feast for the eyes at the Beach!  Every sunset has it’s own character, beautiful vibrant array of colors painted on the canvas of the sky.   Even through a marine layer, the sun or blue sky breaking through the powerful movements of the clouds is a wonderful sight, all that can boost our emotions and even our health.

7) Fresh clean air- Breathing fresh ocean air provides a steady supply of oxygen to your brain and to every cell of your body.  Practice deep breathing and get your cells moving.

8)  Negative Ions- Naturally sourced negative ions, such as in the air from the ocean has been known to help energize the human body, aid in alleviating depression, enhance your immune system and increase alertness just for starters.  The ocean air does more than feel good, it does your body good.

9)  Meditation-Gazing at the ocean and viewing a gorgeous sunset just makes you think about life and stand in awe of the amazing creation. This meditation actually is a stress reliever and is a skill that needs to be learned.  I never knew this!  Those moments of awestruck awesomeness are training your mind for such activities, just like learning how to ride a bike.

10)  Memory Making- So many memories have been made in my family on our walks on the beach.  It is such treasure to find a sand dollar, beautiful shell, or see a grunion- or even catch one and share with a loved one.  Go on and make
your next memory- it’s simple, easy, and free!

Living on the coast of North County San Diego, sometimes we get busy and forget the simple things we have in our own backyard.  You will be surprised how many people do not take the time to take a walk on the beach.  Now, go out and enjoy
a Walk on the Beach Today!

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