Resolutions: Renegotiated, Revisited and Renewed

Lynda StarWriter shares the first part of a continuing humor piece on New Year's resolutions with an attached, SMILE video.

I resolve to smile (even when I don't want to), just to change the way I feel. I don't think I'll ever renegotiate this obvious, one-man, OPPORTUNITY.

This is my first, easy breezy resolution: Smiling is free AND I feel a little bubbly inside when someone smiles back. Sounds kind of selfish, especially since I'm already happy. I desire to tap into that wellspring of PERPETUAL BLISS, like an open spigot of sunshine bursting forth with bright light and cozy warmth on a cloudy day. When I'm waxing and waning about an issue (like moving to Temecula), I'll smile because I've the FREEDOM to choose.  Wherever I decide to light, I know the UNIVERSE will rise in support of my decision (just like those wonderful, hot air balloons in the Rancho California backdrop).

There are times (the exception, rather than the rule) when people, places and results are out of my hands. Most of my decisions are as simple as the following: Should I jog? Should I ride my bike, instead? My friend, Holt, calls and wants to meet up for surfing in Oceanside. There's a gym down that way. But, I want to take some landscape photos in Winchester and compose query letters as I peddle a few of my butterfly thoughts. I have to gather my tax stuff, make some phone calls, meet with the roof repairman, help my son with homework (type) and chauffer him, daily. I'd like to check on my elderly neighbors, attend church and community fellowship meetings, write a business plan AND breathe.  I work out of my home, which may or may not be conducive to productivity, efficiency and effectiveness. Sometimes, I wonder.

In 1997, I wrote a proven, undergraduate thesis, hypothesizing that the home IS an organizational enterprise, but who DOESN'T know that? I'll share the findings later. In the interim, I've got to wash the dinner dishes, fold clothes, balance the checkbook, turn off the sprinkler system and concoct legitimate ways to generate income (gross revenue: earnings before interest and tax) in creating my own 'Duck Dynasty' or 'Honey Boo-Boo' television series. I'll be right back... 

I know, I know. What's this got to do with smiling?  I'm getting there.

The Sumo wrestler of uncertainty grapples with my penciled-out plans, pinning me to the mat of flexibility; there are few things written in stone or blood. Hey! That's what an eraser's for, right? For example, I mapped out some diligent work time in the wee hours of the morning today, but I stayed up really late last night because my laptop refused to communicate with the printer. All's well and ends well with the appropriate check boxes marked on the printer configuration (ten hours later).

All's well and ends well with a smile. You can see for yourself on the attached YouTube video (from the Internet).  Since January 1, 2013, I propose to kindly smile even though I may be wholly preoccupied, a tad frustrated or floating in the rote ozone. Guess what I've received in return, thus far? Nothing short of phoenomenal, positive, fulfilling energy from others. Rather than subject you to my third-party objective, try smiling at every turn; here, there and everywhere.  Keep me posted.

To Be Continued...

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Lynda StarWriter January 16, 2013 at 12:26 AM
Hey, notwithstanding typos, I think I like the 'east breezy' description rather than 'easy breezy'. Perhaps the former will be my new tag line.
Maggie Avants January 16, 2013 at 05:35 AM
Hey Lynda, I fixed that for you! Smile :) But an east breeze does sound kind of nice...
Lynda StarWriter January 18, 2013 at 12:28 AM
Robert Lynch March 10, 2013 at 04:55 PM
I did'nt see Michele? Robert


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