Best $5 Gyro Sandwiches

Lunch for only $5 and it tastes amazing? You bet!

The gyro sandwich is typically made with lamb, tomato, onion, and tzatziki sauce in a pita. 

The name is greek and it's pronounced, "year-oh."

I love a good gyro but they can be hard to find in Southern California.

Here are my top three $5 gyro places starting in Carlsbad.

1-  located at 6030 Paseo Del Norte, Carlsbad, 92011. The $5 lamb gyro is only available during their lunch special. Don't get the chicken gyro, while healthier, it's not as good. 

2- Drive to Oceanside or Encinitas and order the gyro sandwich at Angelos Burgers. You can even get it without getting out of your car since there is a drive-thru. If you are willing to pay more than $5.05, I suggest adding feta for an extra $2. Trust me, this is one of the best (a little greasy) and filling gyros you will ever eat.

3- Ready to venture a little further away from home? Here's my absolute favorite Mediterranean food place: Taste of Lebanon located off the 805 in Miramar at 6780 Miramar Rd #110, San Diego. They have a $5 gyro and I'm sure it's amazing, but I'm going to recommend something that was suggested to me. Try the Manakeesh Ultimate. It's a fresh pita rolled up with tomatoes, cucumber, mint, olives, and lebneh inside. I order it without olives because olives aren't my thing. It's only $4.25 so it's even cheaper than the gyro. I will pull off the freeway and drive 15 minutes out of the way just to get one of these when I'm in the Miramar area. 


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