Carlsbad Families Put 2 Local Board Games to the Test

The board games are developed by a San Diego company and were given to the kids and teens in exchange for an honest review.

On Dec. 7, Carlsbad Patch posted the following article:

Looking for Kid/Teen Game Reviewers (Free Gift Included)

Dozens of people responded and two families were selected at random. The board games given out were Magic Feather™ (for families and children 7+, NEW) and FURT® (13+ for teens and college students or anyone who acts like they are).

Here are what our kid/teen reviewers had to say. 

Kallee, age 9 wrote the following about the board game Magic Feather:

The game I played was called Magic Feather. When you play this game the things that you will need from your box are an animal,crow, and feather.  The characters are cute and the board is brightly colored. You should also grab a piece of paper and a pencil. I played with one person and figured out that it would be more fun playing with more people. The game only took 5 minutes from start to finish. It was too quick! The place that some story cards have start and finish are much too close together. The Magic Feather cards are fun and silly and it would be better if you could do more during a game. The directions are a little confusing with some of the wording. 

Joe age 15, Declan age 14, Tess age 13, and their mother Elizabeth wrote the following about the board game FURT:

We are a game loving family and very opinionated to boot. Setting up FURT was quick and straight forward although the kid tasked with assembling the volcano did botch it.  It was OK since the volcano was extraneous anyway.  Because of the clear directions, it was easy to jump right in and begin playing the game.  The objective is to complete funny tasks successfully thereby moving around the board and being the first one to reach  the end.  Tasks including things like trying to get others to guess a word by verbal clues or drawings. About two rounds into the game we found ourselves changing the rules.  We eliminated the "task" that was completely luck - too boring  and the one that required you to keep a straight face while other people try to make you laugh.  No one could help but at least smirk when the other players were shouting things completely ludicrous things at them. 

Overall the game was very successful at making us laugh but we felt it would be better for a slightly younger group of players.  Middle Schoolers would probably get a real kick out this but an adult might need to edit some the tasks. All in all this holiday season we'll stick with Awkward Family Photos, Logo, and 5 Second Rule. 


Editor's Note: Thank you to our reviewers and thanks for everyone who responded enthusiastically wanting to be a reviewer.


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