Do a Mud Run

Whether you are a running enthusiast or not, mud runs are fun and test your fitness fitness level.

Now that I've been on Nutrisystem for one month and one week, I decided this week the challenge would be to workout to the max.

I ran , jogged the Carlsbad Seawall, went to classes, and hit the elliptical at . But none of those activities could prepare me for the most fun I've ever had working out: the Del Mar Mud Run.

The La Jolla Patch editor and Encinitas Patch editor and I signed up for this run a couple months ago. The 5k run took place Oct. 15 2011 at the Del Mar Fairgrounds. Costumes were encouraged so we came up with the theme "dirty money" and basically stapled fake $100 bills to our clothes. Thousands participated in this run. Costumes were quite funny but mostly gone by the end of the race. I don't think a single one of our fake $100 bills make it to the finish line.

The race starts out with participants getting wet with hoses and then it's right into swimming through a mud pit. The 3.1 mile route takes you through 20 different mud obstacles including a rope swing, tunnels, and lots of muddy madness.

There are lots of mud runs all over the U.S. In San Diego, the Camp Pendleton Mud Run tends to sell out nearly a year in advance. Even if you only do it once in your life, I say try a mud run. You'll thank me later.


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