Blog: Keep Carlsbad Beautiful

Please help me keep Carlsbad clean and beautiful.  When you go out walking or running, it would be a great if you could bring a plastic bag and pick up the trash that is carelessly thrown around.  I hope you won't wait for others to pick it up because the trash accumulates; it is not good for the environment (especially the plants and wildlife); it is unsightly and leaves a visual stigma that the residents don’t care about their neighborhood.

I jog the same route everyday and each day I pick up 3 bags of litter.  Can you also Adopt-a-Spot near you and keep it clean? It’s not hard. Please pick up with pride in our beautiful city.

Let’s not expect the City workers to get to all the litter in a timely fashion, nor should our tax dollars deal with an issue that we can take care of ourselves.  I would rather have them devote their time to the services we can't do ourselves (pave roads, maintain public property, landscaping, etc.).  

Help keep Carlsbad beautiful.   Thank you.


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