Rubber Bands + Water Bottle = 8 Glasses of Water Measuring Tool

If you aren't sure you are getting enough water in a day, try this trick to see how you measure up.

The Nutrisystem diet opened my eyes to the fact that I, like many, don't drink enough water.

Here's a simple easy trick to helping you measure the amound of water to drink in a day:

I found having a water bottle with ounces marking on it and a stack of rubber bands helps. Simply put a rubber band at each eight ounce mark. Once you drink your way to the rubber band, take it off and either put on your wrist, in a pocket or where ever. As you fill your water bottle, remember to adjust the rubber bands to 8 oz. incredments. At the end of the day if you have collected all eight rubber bands (or more) you succeeded! 


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