Elderly Woman Found Dead In Bear Creek Yard

The woman was clothed but not dressed for the near-freezing temperatures reported last night and early this morning.

The body of a woman believed to be in her 80s was found Friday morning in the front yard of her Bear Creek home, authorities have confirmed.

According to Lt. Tony Conrad of the Murrieta Police Department, the body was found at 6:57 a.m. by someone passing by the Bear Creek Drive home.

Conrad said at this point it appears the woman’s death was not the result of foul play, but the investigation is ongoing.

“She likely succumb to the elements,” he said, noting that the woman was clothed but not dressed for the near-freezing temperatures reported last night and early this morning.

It’s unknown why the woman was outside or how long she had been there.

“We are still investigating,” Conrad said.

At press time, the woman’s identity has not been released by authorities. It’s believed she lived with family.

Murrieta’s Bear Creek is an upscale, gated community off Clinton Keith Road. According to Conrad, there has not been a crime spike in the area.

“We have nothing out of the ordinary,” he said.

Brenda December 22, 2012 at 06:23 PM
Tina, What a loving story you shared there at the end and I could definately see my husband and I doing that for each other. I am disabled now and he watches out for me constantly to make sure I don't fall especially. The issue of the neighborhood was brought up by the reporting police officer in the article and that is why a few of us made a point of mentioning it as this could happen anywhere. Doesnt make a difference because its a upscale neighborhood and because of that "someone" should have noticed her, or that "there was no foul play" because it was upscale. Its unfortunate, heartbreaking and will be horribly difficult for the family. As years go by and we learn more about alzheimers and how victims think and the things they will do randomly we are learning to prepare for any possibilities. If this is a case of Alzheimers we are learning to key lock the doosr so it cannot be opened from the inside. Of course put it up high or in a close place for everyone else to know where it is. Just like when we have little ones in the house. This had made me think that if my mother at 74 were to get Alzeimers I would make sure the doors were key locked, and of course take her outside with us alot so all the neighbors would know she was here living with us now. Those necklaces are not much good unless the person is able to push the button :/
Brenda December 22, 2012 at 06:32 PM
Same thing has happened to my mom many times Don. She has fallen in the house, not found for 4 hours, and then 8 hours another time, and the last time I think about an hour with this one being the worse, she recieived a blood clot on her brain from the fall. She fell out on a front porch over some rocks and broke more ribs, and a neighbor I believe heard her yelling for help. Now she has more care takers as she does not want to leave her home in Lake Mathews God Bless her. She also has my dad and my brother who lives up the hill from them. I inherited my health problems from her, so I take care not to fall, but it still happens, and dangit sometimes alone, just the way of life sometimes, but dont want to give up@@@!!!@!@!@ As a thought too until we find out exactly what happened to this dear woman, there is that chance of broken ribs like you mention and my mother had gotten falling over big boulders, and at anytime those can puncture a lung. That is usually the first concern depending on illnesses and medications that make it more probably for some.
Diane December 23, 2012 at 03:10 AM
Very well said...
SA December 24, 2012 at 07:52 PM
My family lives in B.C. and this was the first they heard of this passing. Pore lady, I hope she did not suffer….
Sally Rista Anderson February 24, 2013 at 04:15 PM
Oh Gawd Susan, Get over yourself,,is that all you have to say about this senseless tragedy? Bear Creek is considered an up scale high end community, so is La Creasta, Tanaja ,Our property taxes are higher than your average conforming Mort payment, and the comps are much higher than the surrounding areas. not the Barrio's in LE, so meaning she obviously had the means, or should have, the point Susan , you obviously can take the Susan out of the trailer park ,but can't take the trailer park out of Susan, As if that's all your concerned with you are lower scale mentality. The Point, is we must respect our neighbors and their privacy, at the same time extend a hand like Miss Sherry kindly mentioned ,and not turn a blind eye or deaf ear when we might feel there is a problem, God bless her soul, She should have had mandatory supported living services, It's easy to apply for, And a conservator or legal guardian , Love thiy neighbor even if it's in a trailer .


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