Ex-Navy SEAL Faces Preliminary Hearing on Theft and Securities Charges

Jason M. Mullaney could receive up to 34 years in prison for accusations stemming from his role in financial venture.

A former Navy SEAL accused of stealing more than $1 million from comrades who invested in his money-lending business is scheduled to appear Monday at a hearing that will determine if he must stand trial.

of grand theft and securities violations. His preliminary hearing at the downtown courthouse begins this morning.

Deputy District Attorney Hector Jimenez alleged that Mullaney used his standing as a former SEAL to get others to invest in his Trident Financial Holdings & Acquisitions, then used the money for his personal gain.

The alleged victims include former and active SEALs, the prosecutor said.

“If people wanted to borrow money, Mr. Mullaney would give you a hard loan, with interest. That was the plan anyway,” Jimenez said at the defendant's arraignment in August.

“Mr. Mullaney got people to invest in his company so he could have money to lend. He made some loans, but unfortunately, he didn't use the money as he said he would.”

After the preliminary hearing, a judge will decide if enough evidence was presented for Mullaney to stand trial. He faces 34 years in prison if convicted.


– City News Service


Ed Sorrels November 26, 2012 at 09:23 PM
Screwed his teammates, Hang him ! Real High ! This is the worst kind of betrayal of trust, to screw over those that you served with is really crappy !
Kristen Lee Rawson November 27, 2012 at 06:53 PM
Unfortunately Mr. Sorrels, this happens more often than not. I spent time researching the level of Ethics and Professionalism concerning the United States Military and after what I found out, lets just say "Its not what it used to be." Between the Phony medical cases and marriages of $convenience$, the Gang violence and drug abuse on and off base.. Sometimes I think the Mil should be thanking the civilians for their service and their tax dollars.
Ed Sorrels November 28, 2012 at 03:30 AM
Lady, You are not talking military, This man was a Seal which is head and shoulders above the universal soldier. The unit cohesion is beyond belief between these men and even if he is out now Mullaney should hang with the Morning Color's !
Kristen Lee Rawson November 28, 2012 at 08:20 PM
Sir, I am not military, but I was bred SF. Before, during or after their service, isn't really the question. People do not change, they just decide to look outside of themselves and make better choices. Choices that affect us all.


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