Carlsbad 2012 State of the City Focuses on Jobs and New Developments

Watch the 10-minute video on Carlsbad Patch or see it on the big screen at the Ruby G. Schulman Auditorium on Tuesday.

In front of a sold-out event at the  on Friday, Mayor Matt Hall thanked everyone on his council before showing the latest State of the City Address.

He thanked Ann Kulchin for 32 years of dedication and told the audience he was "priviledged to have five council members," since for the first time in

The 10-minute State of the City video was then shown.

Here is a summary of some of the main points:

  • Quality jobs and attracting new businesses and talent = top priority.
  • would like to entice more life science companies.
  • The process for starting a company in town has been streamlined. , for instance, came back to Carlsbad. The owner explained how much easier it was to obtain permits.
  • Jobs generate more revenue = better services to residents.
  • The City of Carlsbad lost redevelopment funding.
  • Carlsbad has a balanced budget.
  • A new roundabout at Carlsbad Blvd and State street is in the works.
  • The City of Carlsbad is working with the state to realign Carlsbad Blvd.

The next pubic showing of the video will be Aug. 27 at 6 p.m.  at the , 1775 Dove Lane.

For more details or to RSVP, .


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