Carlsbad Bans E-Cigarettes

The city council voted unanimously Tuesday to ban use of e-cigarettes in public spaces where smoking is illegal.

File photo (AP)
File photo (AP)
Known as "vaping," battery operated e-cigs deliver a nicotine vapor that can be inhaled. City officials cited the confusion the device is creating and the complaints they say they are getting from residents, especially in libraries, where people are using them and smoking laws do not apply, reported 10News.

The actual health risks of e-cigs are still up for debate. Makers of them say it contains no tar or carbon monoxide while the American Lung Association said there are studies that show the electronic cigarettes emit chemicals such as formaldehyde and benzene.

Read 10news' full report here: http://www.10news.com/news/carlsbad-city-council-votes-to-ban-use-of-e-cigarettes-in-public-spaces-a...

What do you think about an e-cigarette ban in Carlsbad? Tell us in comments.


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