County Sets Record for Registered Voters; Carlsbad Mainly Republican

Registrar of Voters Office says Carlsbad has almost 10,000 more Republican voters than registered Democrats.

Setting a record for registered voters, San Diego County will have about 19,000 more Democrats eligible to vote in the presidential election than Republicans, according to final figures released Tuesday.

The county Registrar of Voters Office says the county had 551,931 Democrats and 532,585 Republicans as of Oct. 30, although many voting districts are safe for one party or the other.

County Republican Party Chairman Tony Krvaric, contacted for comment, replied: “At this point it’s all about GET-OUT-THE-VOTE and we have a massive deployment this weekend and through Election Day.”

With 1.56 million voters—including a flood of 85,000 new voters since Sept. 30—the county broke the previous record for registered voters of 1.51 million set in November 2004. 

Meanwhile, the city of Carlsbad shows a much higher percentage of Republican voters. The final count before the Nov. 6 election shows 27,723 Republicans and 18,455 Democrats eligible to vote—out of a total electorate of 85,702.

In the closely watched 52nd Congressional District—pitting GOP incumbent Brian Bilbray against Democrat Scott Peters—the finally voter tally shows 137,371 Republicans to 130,262 Democrats. But the district of 398,623 voters includes 111,281 not stating a party preference and 19,709 spread among minor parties.

The city of San Diego had a Democratic majority of 272,636 to 183,876 Republicans and 186,737 with no party listed.

Tapple November 02, 2012 at 01:17 PM
Deanne, Do you know how many registered Libertarians there are in SD County and Carlsbad? I know it is a small number but I am curious. Thank You.
Skip Stein November 02, 2012 at 04:12 PM
I have always thought the policies of the Democratic party has been 'raise the (societal) boat' and we will all get ahead; while the Republican party thought process is 'I have mine and do not want to share it, you get yours'. I see myself as part of the 99% with Romney in the 1% class. Too bad more Carlsbad voters don't realize he, Romney, is just a salesman.
Tapple November 02, 2012 at 04:50 PM
And I think the policies of the Democratic party have been to 'raise the (societal) boat' through handouts and entitlements; while the Republican party goal is create an environment in which we all can learn to succeed. The problem with the former approach is sooner or latter you run out of everyone's else money. And speaking of salesman, I am choking on the hope and change sold to me four years ago.
Skip Stein November 02, 2012 at 11:11 PM
No one rides for free, but everyone should be concerned about their neighbor, whether they be around the corner or around the country. If one has great ambitions, but needs the cooperation of others to make the dreams happen and they become the party of NO, it is very tough to get anything done. Let's not blame the lack of deliverance and ignore the lack of cooperation.


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