Political Corruption Explained: Dems vs. GOP [Cartoon]

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By Jim Beller
By Jim Beller
By community contributor, blogger Jim Beller

Reading about the recent arrest of Leland Yee we are struck by the fine line between legal and illegal campaign contributions. Released recordings show the FBI informant insisting, "I want this (quid) forthat (quo)" while a hapless Leland protests, "No, no that would be illegal... but OK." 

Leland's voting record includes many instances of voting against the interests of San Francisco and his constituents after receiving last-minute contributions from effected industries. However, it seems that it is legal for a politician to take contributions in payment for votes that are consistent with their ideology. Good deal for the Republicans, whose ideology has been distilled down to "Rich people aren't rich enough." 

Which is the point I'm trying to make, however imperfectly, in the cartoon. My original idea was to have Donkey Dem advertising, "You have to BRIBE us to do what Republicans do for free!" 

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Mike April 09, 2014 at 02:44 PM
Almost all politicians are rich prior to being elected and if they are not rich when they assume office they’ll definitely be wealthy by the time they leave office. As the current leader of a veterans’ group and former labor leader in the SF Bay Area I’ve met and interacted with plenty of politicians at all levels of government. In fact I even have a couple of relatives who’ve been elected to state office (one presently serving). That said here is my opinion, regardless of political party for the most part we have the best politicians that money can buy. Elected officials often start off with good intentions but, they get caught up in political party agendas that may or may not be in the best interests of their constituents and our nation. Sadly, the self-serving agendas of those people go almost entirely unnoticed because of the old smoke and mirrors trick. By the use of such they accomplish the illusion that Democrats are for the poor and working people and Republicans are for the rich. They assure success by deception, diversion, and division by class of citizen and interest. It becomes more about the re-election of those who follow the party line, less about what is right, and it is fuelled by greed and special interest. Bottom line is there are just too damn many politicians and not enough statesmen working in government. The article above briefly addresses the recent arrest of State Senator Leland Yee, a politician that I’ve interacted with several times because of his support for veterans. I’ m very disappointed to hear what he may have done but, based on the nature of politics I’m not surprised. I am however curious to know the answer to the following questions. 1. Could this be a political move to assure that he does not run for California Sec. of State? 2. If Leland is guilty as charged who did Leland piss off and how far up the political “food chain” does involvement in the illegal activity in question go?
Dr. Barry Reder April 09, 2014 at 03:32 PM
I cannot get over the irony- the most rabid anti gun nut job in the state Senate, Leland Yee, gets busted for selling guns illegally. This is just too poetic. Should he fall on his sword.... or his bullet button?
David Terrell April 09, 2014 at 03:54 PM
Amazing. The cartoon encourages us to make fun of ourselves. Yet, the only responses are cynical anti-everything conspiracy theories (except that bit about land developers buying the Oceanside City Council, which, no matter how cynical it sounds is actually true). Let's lighten up a bit.
Donald Snyder April 09, 2014 at 10:59 PM
Political cartoonist are able to get away with the things they do because it is labeled a 'cartoon'. But the simple face is they are try to poke fun and wake up the masses as to what is happening under their collective noses. To 'lighten up' and not care about what is going on is suicide. We need to get in people who understand what is going on and want to work hard to change it. Yes, we have the best politicians that money can buy. So what does that say for the rest of the world?


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