City Donates 243 Computers to Local Schools

Averaging under six years old, refurbished HP computers will replace older CUSD computers at Jefferson Elementary, Kelly Elementary and Valley Middle schools.

The has donated 243 used HP computers to (CUSD). Currently, Rick Lewis, CUSD’s Director of Technology and Information Systems, and his tech staff are in the process of evaluating and re-configuring the computers for re-use; primarily in computer labs and site-wide at Jefferson Elementary, Kelly Elementary and Valley Middle schools.

Averaging under six years old, the refurbished computers will replace older CUSD computers. Lewis says the majority of donated computers are salvageable, offering a sizable financial benefit to the District. He notes, “Each refurbished computer will save us $1,000, so if even 150 can be brought to standard, we will save $150,000.”

The process is taking place in stages. City personnel delivered the computers to the District storeroom, where staff grouped them by model (Series 7100, 7600 and 530 plus laptops) and are meticulously researching the viability of each.

“The computers that make the cut need a lot of TLC plus software programs,” reports Lewis, who says he and his staff are happy to put in the hours to attain a positive outcome. “This marks a great collaboration between the City and the District. It’s a lot of work, but the benefits are big.” Lewis says an additional savings will be realized by disposing of the surplus via an ewaste program.

Providing access to technology is critical in today’s world,” believes City of Carlsbad Mayor Matt Hall. “The City of Carlsbad is very pleased to be able to help schools provide these important tools to students.”

According to Devin Vodicka, Ed.D., CUSD’s Assistant Superintendent, Business Services, the computer donation dovetails with the ongoing collaboration between City and District officials who have met to discuss how the two government agencies can work together to support quality education and an excellent quality of life in Carlsbad. Dr. Vodicka states, “In addition to providing a significant benefit to our District and our students, this donation offers a vibrant example of the power of interagency partnerships. We are very grateful to see the emerging benefits of our collective efforts.”      



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