Expect Changes to Your Trash Service

Starting in July, Waste Management may be providing you with a trash can and a bin with a lid and wheels for recycling.

is planning to switch to a new, automated trash service next July that will be more convenient for residents and better for the environment, according to a staff report given at Tuesday's City Council workshop. 

The change in service is part of a new contract with the city’s trash hauler, Waste Management, that would result in about a $1 a month increase for most residents, and about a $.75 a month decrease for residents who can get by with a smaller trash can. 

The contract is expected to be presented to the City Council for approval in early 2012. “This new service will make it easier to recycle, easier to take your trash to the curb and easier to get rid of bulky items,” said Glenn Pruim, the City of Carlsbad utilities director.  “And the new automated trucks use green technology, which means they will produce less pollution as they drive around the city on trash day.” 

The new service includes “single stream recycling,” which means residents no longer will have to sort their recyclables into separate crates. Instead, residents will get one large bin on wheels where recyclable paper, metal, glass and plastic can be dumped. Residents will also receive a free bin for trash and one for yard waste. All bins have attached lids and wheels.

With the current system, residents provide their own trash cans. Often, lids are missing or get blown off, creating a litter problem in the street and environmental problems when trash gets into the storm drain system. The new bins are designed so trucks can lift them up and dump the trash in the truck automatically. 

With the new service, residents will no longer have to wait for specified days to have their old appliances, furniture and other bulky items picked up. Instead, they can make two appointments a year for Waste Management to come to their homes for free and pick up items too large for the trash bins. 

In December, the city will distribute to all trash customers an official notice of a public hearing Feb. 14, 2012, to discuss the proposed rate changes. Carlsbad has historically had among the lowest trash rates in the county and would continue to even after the proposed increase. “In developing this new trash contract, our goal was to provide our community with the best trash services at the best cost,” said Pruim. Under current plans, Waste Management will contact Carlsbad trash customers in spring 2012 to get orders for the new carts, and the new service would begin in July.  

Press Release by City of Carlsbad

Paul Kennedy November 17, 2011 at 01:15 AM
ONE yard waste can ....................NOT enough. we put out 6 cans per week. Can we have a second yard waste can????? Paul in Carlsbad
Chris Bernardo November 17, 2011 at 02:50 AM
Do you have to pay extra if you have more than one trash can of regular trash? I am thinking of Thanksgiving and Christmas etc, when we seem to be able to fill up several of our smaller trash cans.
City of Carlsbad November 18, 2011 at 01:44 AM
It’s really no different than today’s system, where you’re also limited to how much trash will be picked up each week. The difference is that instead of your own cans, you will have one large cart for trash, one large cart for recycling and one large cart for green waste. These carts have wheels and attached lids, which makes it much more convenient for storage and for placement at the curb on collection day. Being that much of what is used in the home can be recycled – including all plastic items #1-7, glass, paper, cardboard and so many other items, most households using the recycling cart system find that they have much less trash and rarely fill their trash cart. Carlsbad residents will also have the option of requesting up to two additional recycling carts of the same size at no additional charge. If you end up having more trash one week, because of the holidays or you’re doing some spring cleaning, you can have it picked up over a couple of weeks. Or, often in communities with the automated trash collection, neighbors help each other out if one neighbor has extra trash one week. If you're doing a home remodeling project or for some other reason have a lot of trash, for a fee you can also take it to the Palomar Transfer Station off El Camino Real near Palomar Airport Road.
City of Carlsbad November 18, 2011 at 01:46 AM
You bet. Yard waste will be collected in 96 or 64 gallon carts. The 96-gallon carts are approximately three times larger than a typical householder garbage can, which are usually between 30-32 gallons. Residents will also have the option of requesting two additional green waste carts of the same size at no additional charge. The Bulky Item collection service can be used on those occasions where the yard waste exceeds the capacity of the cart, such as annual clean ups or seasonal gardening activity.
Gary Rowe January 23, 2012 at 10:35 PM
Can you order (even at a charge) additional bins? It looks like it will work out perfectly for many smaller families or individual homeowners, but with 8 people in our household and many of them in their teens/twenties we have a lot more trash than most households.


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