City of Carlsbad's Fire Department Expands

More than 100 friends, family and city leaders attended a badge ceremony to recognize about a dozen firefighter/paramedics at Fire Station 5 on Orion Way.

The City of Carlsbad Fire Department promoted five firefighters, recognized four firefighter/paramedics for passing probation, and admitted three new employees to the firefighting ranks.

Three candidates were sworn in as new firefighters/paramedics after undergoing rigorous training, and will enter a probationary period:

  • Todd Gohsler
  • Kyle Nelson
  • Andrew Traynor

Four members passed their one-year probations were awarded badges as firefighter/paramedics:

  • Andrew Bessant
  • Scott Cunningham
  • Gregory Marchi
  • Jaime Ortega

 The following five firefighters received promotions:

  • Luis Osuna was promoted to battalion chief.
  • Mark Beckert and Theodore Berryman were promoted to captain.
  • Joshua Clark and Nathan Pearson were promoted to engineer.

Chief Heiser also announced that Carlsbad Fire Department Division Chief William Anderson will retire this year after 30 years of service.

More on the badge ceremony can be found here: news.carlsbadca.gov/pr/ca/carlsbad-firefighter-paramedics-243139.aspx


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