City Spends $310,000 on New Restrooms at Pine Park

Pine Park houses multi-use sports fields, an informal amphitheater, lighted basketball courts, a picnic area and a children’s playground.

 “Residents will be happy to have more restrooms available and in a more central location in the park,” said Parks & Recreation Director Chris Hazeltine. “I think families enjoying the park and ball players needing a quick break between innings will be particularly ‘relieved’ when they see these new facilities.” 

The previous restroom location at Pine Avenue Park was a bit of a trek for those using the ball fields at the southern edge of the park.

The new restrooms are located in the park’s center, next to the ball field, so they will better serve all the park’s users.

 “This new building will have more toilets per side, and the building is block-filled with concrete so it should hold up better than the old modular one,” said Mark Steyaert, park development manager with the Carlsbad Parks & Recreations Department. The new building also includes storage compartments for leagues to stash their equipment, which is a big advantage over the old building. 

The two restrooms in a trailer next to the senior center will be closed to the public now that the new facilities are open. 

The city used a cheaper approach to installing the new restroom building. Trucks delivered the building in sections and a crane hoisted the heavy pieces into place at the park. Then work crews connected them to utility lines and poured new surrounding concrete to complete the project. Steyaert said the process saved Carlsbad taxpayers’ money by eliminating design costs. The time it takes to install a prefab building is faster than constructing one from the ground up, he noted, so the impact on park activities during the busy summer was shorter using this method.  

The project cost $310,000 and was paid for through the city’s Capital Improvement Program budget. 

Smokestack34 July 15, 2012 at 09:20 PM
Carlsbad has many parks, beautifully maintained. They have the money for this project which is no doubt needed. However, they can't find money in their huge holdings to keep their Parks employees. Expect a big layoff very soon. Dozens of heads will be chopped, replaced by landscape contractors probably with connections to high city officials. They may or may not have properly trained workers. Some may be on the first day on the job. C'bad Council doesn't want to part with enuf of their hoarded funds to pay for ret. and health benefits, so bring on the temps. If the Parks people go, who is next?
Jillian Barclay July 20, 2012 at 05:09 AM
Not only that, but when Carlsbad parents find out that those private contractors are not vetted the same way city employees are, they may be a little more cautious about letting their kids play in the parks. City employees are fingerprinted, have criminal background checks, etc...Private contractors?


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