Mayor Presides Over Last Council Meeting

Longtime councilman James Bond retires and Mayor Jerome Stocks leaves the dais after loosing his re-election bid.

Councilman James Bond was recognized for his twenty years of service on the council during his last official meeting November 28. Mayor Jerome Stocks presented Bond with a proclamation and a copy of “Encinitas Magazine” circa 1992, the year Bond was first elected.

“You could see by the list of things I’ve done, I couldn’t hold a job,” Bond told the sparse crowd. In addition to his service as a councilman, Bond has participated on various regional boards and committees as part of his duties.

“The city is in good hands with the council coming on,” he said with a laugh. City Planning department director Patrick Murphy, who has been employed by the city almost as long as Bond has served on the council, listed several of the larger projects that were initiated while Bond was a councilman including the Encinitas Ranch Golf course, the purchase of the Hall property and the extension of Leucadia Blvd. 

“Some people may call 20 years on the council as dedicated service,” Murphy said. “Some might just call it nuts.” “I’ll leave that alone,” Bond responded.

Bond was one of three people elected out of 13 candidates in 1992, only 6 years after the city was incorporated. A retired phone company manager from Michigan, Bond has often said he sought public office to escape long days of playing golf. 

“This is a new chapter in our lives,” Bond said, referring to his wife Jackie.

Unlike Bond, Stocks lost re-election rather than opt for retirement. After 12 years on the city council, Murphy also recognized Stocks, on behalf of the planning staff for his contributions. “How old was your son when we bought the Hall property?” Murphy asked Stocks, alluding to the long period of time between the purchase of the 44-acre site in 2001 for use as a park and the groundbreaking ceremony held just this year.

Deputy Mayor Kristin Gaspar thanked Stocks on behalf of the council and presented him with an engraved gavel. 

Stocks said he knew it was a given that the road in public office would be bumpy. “We all accept that,” he said. “But what they don’t tell you, especially the young people, you should run for office is that it’s truly amazing the feeling of accomplishing things for your community and working through issues,” Stocks said.

“For the final time, I’d like to ask if there are any future agenda items,” Stocks said to the other council members toward the end of the meeting.

“Well guess what folks, it’s a record, we’re adjourned,” Stocks said just before he closed his last council meeting.  

Ken Harrison November 30, 2012 at 09:26 PM
As the city's first mayor, Marjorie Gaines said, "They may be rascals, but at least they're our rascals."
Lynn Marr November 30, 2012 at 11:51 PM
Sometimes the truth hurts. If Patrick Murphy, Stocks & Bond can "hijack" the SDWD Meeting, with their unscheduled awards ceremony, their own self-congratulations, then, certainly, any member of the public can voice concerns that they are not, & have not been abiding by rules, codes & laws they are sworn to uphold. We're grateful for all messengers, & welcome dissent, so we can see all sides of an issue, not only that of the before politically connected, the entrenched majority that bullied & marginalized public speakers, & private individuals. The way most see it, they took advantage of their office, not out of unselfish service, but out of the need to control, to amass power & political influence. This lack of notice was probably to avoid anticipated "slams," which seem more appropriate,from the perspective of many, than last minute, unagendized self-award presentations designed to evade, discourage, or circumvent dissent. The way the awards were done was sneaky, & representative of past "stealth maneuvers," where those objecting are harshly criticized. More open government is a must. I hope no one lets go of that concept. We trust our new council elect will work toward being more transparent & more inclusive of all public speakers, including those who may disagree with written or unwritten policies, so that we can make positive changes, always remembering that government is to be by, for & of the people, of each of us, individually, as well as collectively.
tracy brummel December 01, 2012 at 10:07 AM
What will you do with yourself now? I am sure you will find something to keep bitching about even with the fresh new faces, and you will just start right up again. What about the soo many good things that have happened to Encinitas when Jerome was in office? He did a great job and I supported him. Thank You very much!
Lynn Marr December 01, 2012 at 10:56 AM
I meant to click on reply, and I inadvertently flagged you as inappropriate, tracy. I don't see how to "undo" that, so I apologize for my mistake. What will you do with yourself now? Will you continue to complain about my "bitching?" lol. Obviously, a majority of the voters agree with me that Jerome Stocks was master of acting for his own self interests, aka, self-serving, showing incivility to Councilmembers Maggie Houlihan and Teresa Barth. I don't give Jerome Stocks any more credit for "soo many good things that have happened to Encinitas," than responsibility for working toward LESS open government, less public accountability and MORE abuse of power and discretion. Anyway, you're welcome, very much!
Joe Corder December 01, 2012 at 06:56 PM
Hey Tracy I really do see your side, but please take a look at this. I will admit Jerome did some good, but that doesn't give him the rite to lie or cheat. If you look at. His blogs on sd rosta, you will still see he is asking for everybody to apologize to him for saying he knew who was behind the hit pieces. Also except for 2010, you have never seen me write anything on these blogs about our council. I only did it in 2010 because Jerome asked me to attack Maggie, then came the Video. Im sorrry Jerome cant be a man and except responsibility for for lies and mistakes. Tracy I have nothing against you, your a nice person, I know you we went to school together, this is all about Jeromes Hidden other side. You will not see other post from me for a long time now that he is gone, Thanks Joe


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