New Stop Signs Coming to Levante, Esfera, and Magnolia to Help with Speeding

Carlsbad engineers were originally contacted by residents of those streets who were concerned about speeding in their neighborhoods.

The City of Carlsbad will install new stop signs on Levante Street, Esfera Street and Magnolia Avenue as part of a program where residents and city traffic engineers work together on solutions to slow traffic in residential neighborhoods.  

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City of Carlsbad Deputy Transportation Director Bryan Jones said traffic engineers evaluated 24 residential streets in 2012 and prioritized nine as having the highest needs. City staff have been collaborating with residents along the highest three prioritized streets on the list for solutions to slow traffic. 

Under the program, to install the stop signs the city must have neighborhood support, so staff sent surveys to residents and non-resident owners along the three streets to ask if they supported the stop sign proposals. The program requires that more than 50 percent must return the surveys, and 67 percent of those responding must say yes for the solution to be implemented. All three streets met the required thresholds. 

The City of Carlsbad Traffic Safety Commission approved the recommendations on Oct. 1, and the City Council approved them on Jan. 29.

The Transportation Department will install all-way stop signs at two intersections on Esfera Street in La Costa, and two all-way stop signs on two intersections on Magnolia Avenue in northwest Carlsbad. Levante Street, which roughly parallels La Costa Avenue, will receive all-way stop signs at seven intersections. 

The new stop signs for all three streets will cost approximately $30,000. They should be installed this spring.

For more information about the program, go to: news.carlsbadca.gov/pr/ca/city-program-aims-to-reduce-speeding-243065.aspx

–Information Taken from a City of Carlsbad Press Release


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