Report: Judge Orders Removal of Tri-City Board Member

Wayne Lingenfelter is ordered to step down from the healthcare board because he didn't live in the district when he was elected.

Wayne Lingenfelter cannot serve as a Tri-City Healthcare District board member because "he did not live in the district when voters elected him in November," according to a U-T San Diego report.

A judge issued the ruling Wednesday.

Read the full report here.

RATSJ March 02, 2013 at 06:52 AM
Good or correct....the judge did the right thing.
Status Quo March 02, 2013 at 05:20 PM
Yup 'RATSJ', and the matter is done. While at the meeting, many nuances were revealed as well the the selection process for replacement of both vacancies. No explanation due voters for the exit of Charlene Anderson, has been put forth but still thankful another of the original perpetrators of the December 18th, 2008 'coup' has been eradicated from the troublesome and enigmatic public agency. As you may know 'RATSJ', Mr. Liegenfelter is now in his District qualifying residency and appointing him to one of the two vacancies will make me very happy from his needed experience and heightened compliance. The newbie stupidity, to believe a bureaucrat for legal residency is perplexing for such a qualified man as Liegenfelter. As a voter, I forgive him once. From what I witnessed this last meeting, some more cogent members seem to want to give equal footing to applicants than in - previous interim appointments. Having proved himself unworthy(to voters), I doubt the fake 'PhD' Mr. Coulter need apply. In the narrow scope of the ruling on Mr. Liegenfelter's problem, the Judge I understand - disqualified Mr. Coulter to be appointed as ascendant. Independently, he can apply, but lacking "clean hands"(his clearly faked 'PhD.' credentials) the board most likely wishes to "get away" from his undue inertia as good advice. Voters in my mind, cannot afford his lack of education and willingness to be complicit in the original 'coup'.
Status Quo March 02, 2013 at 05:37 PM
Well deliberated appointments, will stave of inducement of initiative to dissolve the board by voters. Under new law(CC 57077), the board itself, LAFCO, or the public under initiative process can 'Dissolve' TCHD board governance. This revelation, almost placed Ms. Reno into a spin by astonishment last year! Her palpitations and the smell of fear could be sensed in the room that night. So far, the public has been inordinately polite to give the disrespected few directors remaining a chance to begin governing in more compliance considering one member complicit in the coup' remains(Reno). Damocles waits in the wings at the next election cycle. 'Randy Horton' is quite prolific in the blogs, but was not present on Thursday to render decisions of process. This enigmatic behavior is falling short of representation, but he most likely has a propping explanation for his absence. 'RATSJ', seemingly oriented toward what might be good for TCHD... what course do you suggest going forward?


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