Pollos Maria Serves the Best Burrito in Carlsbad, Readers Choice Poll Says

Mexican broiled chicken isn't the only favorite at Harding Street restaurant founded in 1985.

Updated at 5:25 p.m. April 20, 2012

Pollos Maria may be known for its Mexican broiled chicken, but our Readers Choice poll says the Harding Street restaurant has another claim to fame: best burrito in town.

Founded by Marie Davies and Carmen Gastelum in 1985, the restaurant later launched a sister site in Oceanside.

Besides the usual chicken, beef, fish and carne asada burrito, Pollos Maria offers combos, a chorizo burrito and a California burrito consisting of grilled steak, seasoned potatoes, pico de gallo and cheese.

The most popular burrito?

Carne asada, says owner Davies.

“There’s nothing secret about [the recipe],” Davies said Friday afternoon. “We use very good meat. It’s a little marinated. It’s just a basic burrito.”

But just as important is the tortilla, she says.

“We have excellent tortillas,” she said. “I tried all kinds of tortillas from all over.”

And the winners were?

“It’s a bakery in Santa Ana. They are two brothers.”

Runners-up in our best burrito poll were Senor Grubby's and Lola’s. 

Congratulations to all the delicious favorites.

Next week: Which is the best florist in town? Look for that poll Monday in Carlsbad Patch.­­


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