Sale Pending for Historic Carlsbad Home

The Ramirez House built by Pablo Ramirez in 1918 on Roosevelt Street was offered at $500,000 - $539,900 and it's sale is currently pending.

The Ramirez House, a three bedroom, two bath home located at 3309 Roosevelt St is closely associated with the growth of Carlsbad’s Mexican-American community. According to the City of Carlsbad's website:

During the Mexican Revolution in 1916, many Mexicans immigrated to the U.S. The majority who settled in Carlsbad formed the backbone of agricultural development in the city, forming a micro-community called Barrio Carlos. Pablo Ramirez, who built this house, was one of the first settlers. Alex La Betta purchased much of the land in this neighborhood, building small one- and two-room homes. Without electricity or indoor plumbing, each sold for $500. Several of these original structures still remain.

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