The predictable insanity of bigots against the simple right to exist, in an RV, as a 'last resort shelter'

The issue of RV parking restrictions has become a human rights' issue across California, especially in this era of staggering unemployment.

Here are two bona fide responses (on Carlsbad Patch)  to an advocate of the right to exist, even if it means in an RV:

Rob Shelton Richard Shapiro's concern for the less fortunate is commendable. Avenida Encinas has the appearance of an RV park due to the high number of RVs that are parked on this stretch of road. These RVers have overstayed their welcome using city streets for a free home near the beach. Carlsbad needs this ordinance and it sounds fair.
Rob Shelton (Full Time RVer)

S. A. S. I live in Waters End and the RV's continually parked on Ave Encinas are a safety hazard. You can't see over their roofs for oncoming traffic. Also, I know who my neighbors are in my community, I can't say that about these mobile wanderers. Tell me how my family can feel safe when potential criminals, child sex offenders, and other riff raff are allowed to squat here?

There you go. We can't stand those who look, live, think differently than we do, so we paint them as criminals, child molesters, wanderers, riff raff, something certainly warranting fear and suspicion, any word or set of words that labels them as some form of subhuman, so we don't have to deal with the issue or thing itself.

There you go. I hold out no hope that man will ever change. Guess I'm just not inclined with going along with the lie, no matter the cost to me.

If you are sick and tired of the stunning prejudice and evil you find many in our society harbor (of course far more refined and subtle today than in days of yore), then call the mayor of Carlsbad (760-434-2830) and share your demands that people (veterans/the elderly/disabled/the homeless/the unemployed [through no fault of their own], etc.) have the simple human right to exist via their own devised means, here in a simple innocent RV usually parked off where its not even noticed by the general public, much less a bother.

To join this human right's cause to merely exist, to do simple, easy things to confront these levels of insanity and actually make a concrete difference, call Richard Shapiro 760 681-4926

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