Baby Chicks Hatch at Poinsettia Elementary

The chicks are part of the science curriculum in Libbi Swanson's second and third grade class.

About a month ago, Poinsettia Elementary teacher Libbi Swanson got eggs from a chicken farm in Ramona.

She brought the eggs into her second and third grade combo class where they started a 21-day incubation period. The eggs hatched on March 22.

The chicks are now over a week old and live in Swanson's class during the day and go home with a parent at night.

"Students have been holding them—most have never seen or held one before," she said. "We have been looking at the length of the chicks feathers to determine if it's a hen or a rooster."

The life cycle transformation is part of the second grade science curriculum while the third grade science curriculum includes animal adaptations. 

"Lately we've been talking about natural instincts like their ability to fly and peck," said Swanson who noted the most popular chicks are named Oreo and Fluffy. "The birds don't learn that from their parents."

Although the chicks will find a new home either in Fallbrook or Econdido next week, Swanson said it's a project she'll continue to do each year.

Heather Zevely April 03, 2012 at 05:27 PM
Wow! This brings back memories. We did this when I was in first grade class and we got to take a baby chick home!
DyannaB April 03, 2012 at 10:08 PM
What a fun way to learn about Life Science. My son is in that class. I have never seen the students so excited. She teaches above and beyond. The kids were challenged to become news reporters, writing informational notecards, and reported to other classrooms across the school. Here we have an outstanding teacher, but because she was hired last, she will be the first to lose her job! The system needs a change. Teachers like her make a difference in the educational system. We need teachers like her!!!


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